Stupidest Rules that Kim Jong Un's Wife Is Forced to Follow All The Time

  • 5:39 pm October 5, 2020
  • suhas

North Korea is definitely one of the strangest places in our world. We all know how people out there are succumbing to the dictatorship of Kim Jong Un. Very few people get a chance to visit this place. But the little few who have visited have revealed some crazy facts about this place. Few of those facts are about Jong Un's wife and the strict rules she is made to follow. Here are some of them!

Give Up Her Birth Name

Yes, she is not allowed to keep her birth name. Sol-Ju had to drop her first as well as last name to keep her past a secret. The dictator doesn't want his people to know anything about his wife.

Have Kids Immediately

She was expected to have kids immediately after her marriage as Kim Jong Un wanted his successor for the throne. Even though its not her decision, it was expected out of her to birth at least one boy out of this marriage! Poor soul!

Visit Mourning Sites

Now this is a rather weird one. She has to visit the mourning sites to keep flowers on regular basis. Now for the uninformed, her public appearance is restricted but she is expected to do this on regular basis to improve her husband's name in the society.

Stay Western In Public

Now this one is again a rule she has to follow for the sake of her husbands name in the society. Kim has 2 women walking beside him. His sister carries traditional outfits to show his respecting side towards the nation. His wife stays western to show his liberal side. Wow! Fake projections you see!

Cannot See Her Own Family

Believe it or not but she cannot meet her own family. Yes! Again, this is to keep her past a secret. Imagine if you have to leave your family forever? That's her case!

Cannot Go Out In Public

As mentioned above, her public appearances are restricted as well. North Korea is so particular about their leader’s family. They don’t allow the wife or kids to be spotted alone in public. So no going out and chilling unnecessarily.

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Her hair style and dress code is not by her choice

Also, she cannot wear or look according to her choice. It always has to be according to the protocol. Again, as mentioned above, it is with accordance to the image that the dictator wants to set for himself in public!

She cannot leave North Korea

Now that she is married to the dictator, she cannot really leave the country. She has to stay put in North Korea unless her husband decides to take her out on one of his official visits. but he almost never does!