Boy Starts Poking Girl In Sunday School, Wha the Girl Did Next Baffled The Teacher

  • 5:45 pm July 30, 2018
  • Hazel

When you go to a Sunday school, you are expected to be religious and stay intrigued by the topic of discussion and participating in the discussion. Here you don’t joke around on the beliefs or anything that is a serious matter for the church. When you do, you are considered ill and need help or counseling sessions from the holy people that better yourself in faith. But when children are disinterested just want to quit the class and enjoy your Sunday instead, they are not spared by the parents who send them there to make their belief stronger in the church, children often act mischief when they are forced to do something. These children also did something bizarre while attending the Sunday school. What happened next, turned the assigned teacher’s day into a task! A story to crack you up and make your day a little more bearable…

Not Interested in Sunday School

Sally was never the best student in Sunday school. She was continually nodding off stuck in an unfortunate situation.

"Sally," the Sunday teacher asked, one resting day "Who made the universe?"

God Almighty!

When she didn't mix, little Johnny, who sat behind her, jabbed her in the back with his pencil

"God Almighty!" yelled Sally, and the teacher was happy and said "Very good”.

Jesus Christ!

A while later the educator asked "Sally, who is our savior?" however again Sally was busy sleeping.

Little Johnny jabbed her again with his pencil "JESUS Christ!" shouted Sally.

Very Well Done, Sally!

The teacher praised her again and said, "Very well done"

At that point, after she nodded off. The teacher thought that Sally is really into the topic and then asked the third inquiry, "What did Eve say to Adam after she had her twenty-third child?"

The Teacher was left speechless after she heard what Sally said!

Little Johnny did it again and this time Sally, shouted out loud,

"I Swear to God on the off chance that you stick that thing in me once again I’ll break it 50-50 and push it up your back!"

The teacher was left speechless in shock!