Cops Tell Crazy Ways To Get Out Of A Ticket

  • 2:01 pm June 9, 2018
  • Hazel

When You are a cop there are strange things that you encounter. People are both secured and scared when you are around and this is why you get confused reactions from them. Some people just get panicked when you speak to them and behave weirdly. It is funny how they act and how the cops have to deal with these idiocracies which cannot be explained. So, next time a cop pulls you over, just be calm and react as a wise human being.

Keep your eyes facing front

If you are pulled over. Do not side-eye a cop. That is disrespectful and so by keeping your eyes facing the front will get the cop in confidence and it would be polite. Don't look suspicious!

No flirting

If you try to flirt with the cop, It is insulting to cops. Cops stand on their moral ground because they know exactly what you are doing. Just appear decent at all costs.

Do not threaten them

Threatening Cops makes them angry. Why wouldn't it? Any human will be offended if you threaten them. Do not threaten them. It's for your own good.

A wave hello

There is nothing wrong with being polite and it isn't that hard either. So, the next time you see a cop just wave him hi and you will be good to go! Until you've done something wrong.

Always ask for a warning

This mostly works. it isn't that hard and if you want to escape the situation. Simply, ask for a warning! It might save you!

Innocent until proven guilty

If you get caught, instead of admitting your mistake just say that you had no idea how this happened. That should suffice, instead of trying to prove that you are innocent.

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No sass-mouthing

Do not swear around them. It isn't decent and polite. You might not do anything but if you use such bad words you are more likely going to get that ticket!

Ask Permission to speak

You have the privilege to speak up. To explain your side of the story so speak up. Ask the officer the permission to speak and you'll be fine.