Dos and Don'ts For A First Date.

  • 9:54 pm March 5, 2018
  • Hazel

First Dates Can Be Tricky. Here's A Helpful Guide You Should Follow.

What Do You Order?

There are so many things to keep track of on a first date.
So, when you first arrive at the date you order pre-drinks, right? What are you going to order? Water or Whisky?
If you thought water, you are doing wrong!
Having a drink will help you relax, and research shows it actually increases your odds of getting a second date by 137%

Time For Some Chit-Chat About Each Other.

After pre-drinks, now comes the time when you start to know about each other's interests.
So, what do you choose to to? Do you casually interrogate them or start giving a speech about yourself?
Don't scare her away! Asking your girls questions will be the win-win situation for you. Doing so, shows genuine interest and creates a stronger bond.

What Do You Order?

Now it's time to order something! What do you order? Pizza or Heavy Meal(Meat)?
Don't even think of Pizza now!
Getting a pricier meal will up your chances of a second date by 50%.
Plus: Girls Love Meat Sweats!

Do You Order For Her Too?

After ordering your meal, arrives her turn. What do you do?
Do you order for her? Or Let her do the talking?
Shut Up! Old gender roles are unacceptable. Let her order for herself!

Wrapping Up The Dinner.

To amp up the romance, what do you do after dinner?
Order dessert or start your karaoke sessions and start singing together?
Dessert! according to a study, eating sweets together actually makes people feel more positively about their partner.

What About The Bill?

The check's here. What's your move?
You pay? or Do you split?
Pay up, Dude!
Forget what we said about the old gender before. 72% of women said the man should pick up the check on a first date.