Entertaining Pictures For Your Hungry Mind

  • 8:17 am June 1, 2018
  • Hazel

You are probably familiar with social media. Everyone who uses smartphones knows how their time is wasted seeing through images and memes. While the invention of the smartphone was for communication but then it is now a necessity. We have a bulk of images which will make your day. These fun-filled images will bring a smile and it is actually what you all want. Some are very eye-catching and few will tickle your mind for sure.


That time of the year when you should watch your step, otherwise you fall, looking disgusting on the internet! I hope she's fine!

Sloth shrine

This is why people on the internet are considered crazy. Who did this? This is crazy! That smile creeps me out, literally! Why does he have a mini bicycle with a jar of dirt in it?

Deadpool promotion

This is a Deadpool promotion thing. This couldn't have been better! I want to meet the one who thought of this awesomeness! Ryan Renolds, maybe? Walmart is nuts!

What pose is this?

This is such a waste. She should pay attention to the game and not take pictures of herself! She looks great though!

The last student

Daniel-san was not the last of Miyagi's student. It is funny how the ninja turtle is all posing out his fight style and the old man is stopping him from doing so!

A sign board!

Just so you know, Adam is at the police station! This is the best way to catch the drug addicts. It's easy because of the camera! Ha!

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How in the hell?

This is unbelievable! Don't underestimate a bicycle, a pink one in this case. It is the epitome of power! Like girl power or something. I put so much meaning into this picture, wow!

Theatre ruins...

Instead of taking a selfie, I would have beat the shit out of that person's head! Why would you invade my personal space like that? You deserve to be hit!

Horse is coming for you!

This is a perfect mask if you don't want to get caught. Plus, it looks fabulous with that uniform. I love the pose, though!

Well-dressed dog!

This is the cutest thing I have seen all day! I wish we could all dress our pets like these. This dog is more well-dressed than most humans on earth!