• 2:56 pm June 8, 2018
  • mariam

Fashion is anything that is trending. But if you make something sophisticated you are applauded but if you fail to impress people around you. You are probably going to make a joke out of yourself. Thus, fashion should be taken seriously. Here are some people who thought they had excelled in fashion but actually were a big fashion fails. And when we get something to laugh on, we don’t really leave a good opportunity. This is such opportunity where we’ll judge these people on their fashion.

Transparent Clothes

Pamela Anderson has never been shy about showing off her body. Transparent clothes look best only at the beach. The only special case could be a transparent blouse and a beautiful bra with something narrow on the bottom for an evening out.

Undergarments Clothes

White shirts, an open back, and light denim require the least visible underwear. The ideal option is a nude color. The most important thing is to wear the right type of bra so that the straps are not visible under your clothing. But now, silicone straps are ugly.

Perfume And Light Makeup

When summer comes, our makeup gets spoil and it is useless to apply during summer. You should not only think about your clothing but also your choice of makeup.

Replace thick concealer with a light BB cream and black eyeliner. Don’t forget to apply perfume because it can also be good for either winter or summer.

Wearing Black During Summer

We should avoid wearing black during summer. People don't wear black clothes in hot weather. And even though black look nice with black accessories with summer dresses and skirts.

Inappropriate clothes

During summer we often try to wear simple clothes, rather than wearing lots of accessories. Even if it’s 85°F on the thermometer.

Short shorts and long skirts are better for weekends. For regular work days, choose classic clothing that is lighter and made of natural fabrics.