Grandma Steals The Show While Dancing With Her Granddaughter

  • 3:24 pm September 12, 2018
  • Hazel

Grandparents are very adorable. Old age is the second childhood. When the Grandparents are seen with their grandchildren they are quite happy to play with them. Here the case is different as the granddaughter is a teen and she dances along with her grandmother which ends up in another surprise as the grandmother steals the show and everyone watches her grandmother cheering her for the performance.

Grandma Franklin is ready to show her family what's she made of! It's the annual Franklin Family Talent Show, and this year, Grandma has something special up her sleeve. Now her spunky performance is gaining a good deal of attention online - and we can totally see why. It's not every day you see a dancing 85-year-old! This video is one that will definitely bring a smile to your face.

Even though moving around gets harder in our old age, Your Care Everywhere says that dancing is a great way to remain active - even during the chilly winter months! The site explains that dancing has a variety of important benefits for people young and old. Besides the obvious physical benefits, dancing can help older folks socialize and keep their minds sharp.

Instead of sleeping the days away, dancing brings people together and gets them talking to one another. Signing up for a dance class is a great way to meet friends, stay active and keep your brain churning by learning a new skill! There's no reason why your age should determine what activities you can and can't do.

Thankfully, Beth's mother understands how important it is to get up and going - so she gladly comes up with the perfect talent show routine. Rather than bore the group with a song from her past or try to regale them with a strange party trick, Grandma Franklin performs the Cupid Shuffle!

This upbeat song is usually played in middle school dances, not for an 85-year-old woman to bop to in the living room. As soon as the song starts playing, the entire family goes wild. You can't imagine how they react when she actually begins to dance. Take a peek at their reaction in the video below. Grandma Franklin sure knows how to boogie!