8 Main Differences Between Men And Women Other Than Physiology

  • 3:31 am July 31, 2018
  • suhas

There are a lot of differences between men and women even other than physiological differences which are visible. This will make a very interesting read for sure. Spare sometime because these are facts that you need to know!


There's a lot of difference even in the handshakes. The way two men shake hands is completely different from the way they shake their hands with a woman!


This isn't a surprise that women can recognize more colors than men! Seldom do we come across men informative about Different colors!

Sense Of Smell

Just like their visual sense, women have better smelling sense compared to men as well!

Prone To Change

The female body is very different from men. In fact, it is prone to change much more than men's body!


We don't like to put people under v=cliched norms but women love cooking much more than men! They like to cook for their loved ones!


Women eat around 4.5 lb of lipstick in lifetime and this is a known fact. As far as men are concerned, well, all of us know the answer!

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Risk Takers

When it comes to daily chores, women are more cautious whereas men are extreme risk takers!

The Sequence Of Wearing Clothes!

One of the most interesting study revealed the difference in which men and women wear their clothes. The sequence is different. Women always put shirt or blouse first then she wears pants or skirts. Contrary to this, men are always found wearing the dresses from bottom to top. They always put jeans and socks first before putting T-shirt or shirt.