Here’s What The Size Of Your Ring Finger Reveals About Your Personality

  • 3:24 pm July 25, 2018
  • Hazel

There are different things that are responsible for our fate, such as palmistry. Fate really does lie in our beliefs, and people believe in different things that comfort them, if anything goes wrong they blame it on the belief, fate. It doesn’t matter what you follow or believe in, we all have faith in things that comfort us, astrology, palmistry, even the atheists believe in science because it comforts them. There is no human who believes in things selflessly, it is human nature, we all are selfish in one way or another! Even our genuine choices that we make through the day somewhat subconsciously depend on our beliefs, the gut feeling as you might address it as. And it is good to follow the same, the beliefs are good for the humans to depend on but not always. The revelation of the size of the ring finger is no different, and you will be amused to know some of the things about your personality, that will inspire you to achieve the positivity revealed in them and work against the negative.


Palmistry and astrology is something that people believe in for their own comfort, they believe it impacts on their fate. Similarly, the size of the finger also reveals a lot about your personality and this is one of the most accurate personality tests.

Compare Your Ring Finger With Your Index Finger

It basically indicates the amount of testosterone you were getting inside your womb, which determines the size of your finger.

So, to know about your personality you only need to judge it properly. Compare your ring finger with your index finger.

There are 3 types of hands and you have to choose the one that matches you.

The ‘A’ type

First, Straighten your hand out and make sure your fingers are straight too.

Now all you have to do is compare it with the size of your index finger with the size of your ring finger.

If your ring finger is longer than your index finger then you fall into this category.

Your Personality...

The people having the A type finger size then you are the one who are the epitome of confidence. You have the charm and you love to take risks.

You are good looking and interactive, who get along with people really well.

The perfect field/passion for you would be a soldier, salesperson or CEO.

The ‘B’ type

The B type has the ring finger shorter than the index finger.

If you fall into this category then you are a born leader and you can handle situations very well. This is the reason why the majority of people consider you a leader in difficult situations.

And your confidence is something that makes you eager to lead the way, always.

Your Personality...

The most ideal field/ passion for you to follow must be a politician, author of personality development books or teacher. That’s just the best fields to show your quality.

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The ‘C’ type

The people falling under this category should have the ring finger and the index finger of the exact same length.

These people get to know people’s deepest secrets because they trust you because of the qualities you possess of a good communicator and a reliable person, also a good listener.

Your Personality...

People feel comfortable around you and to talk to you and thus share everything happening in their life.

You are caring, compassionate and warm, people love you.

You always be at ready to help others, makes you a really kind person.