Here’s Why Some Kings And Queens Adopt The Name Of Predecessors

  • 11:06 am July 6, 2018
  • Hazel

When we think about the Kings and Queens, we know that their name is something very old and something that is familiar to us. Their names make us feel like we know them for a long time even though they just came into the fame. Their names have deep meanings and it should also make a good impact on the people. They choose new names that make us think that they are actually of their predecessors and which is why it sounds familiar. While adopting a name they have to keep in mind about the predecessor's works and how people remember them. For example, if some king takes up the name Hitler at the crowing, people won’t connect with him. They will eventually have negative thoughts about him and think of him being villainous. So they have to choose it wisely and make all the research.

The positive effect

When you think of the kings and the queens, you immediately have the impact of their royalty and their works and everything that they have achieved in their lives till now and you only get to know or hear positive things about them.

When they even take up the throne they make sure that everything positive is spread about them as this helps to create positivity about them in peoples mind and make a place in their people's hearts.

The positivity surely does make a big difference when it comes to ruling a nation.

Regnal Name

These names are called regnal or reign name. The Roman numeral that is added following the name is called regnal number.

The first King’s or Queen’s name is not followed by the regnal number. But as the accession of the second one, the number is added to the first one too.

Queen Elizabeth

In the history of England, there are many instances where the Kings and the queens have taken up their predecessors name.

And you will get to see the same that follows, as even the now reigning, Queen Elizabeth II who took up the predecessors name, Queen Elizabeth I.

History Books

The history books will get really confusing if there are different people with the same name and that is why they add a Roman numeral at the end of their names.

And so Queen Elizabeth I was actually first known only Queen Elizabeth but when Queen Elizabeth II took up the name, it was made sure that Queen Elizabeth, was then called Queen Elizabeth I.

Imagine all the history books then changing the names in their chapters. Just a minor change though!

Kings, Queens and Popes

So, it goes like, Queen Elizabeth I (Elizabeth the First), Queen Elizabeth II (Elizabeth the Second), etc.

Not only the Kings and the Queens but also the Pope adopts their predecessor's name to honor their names, to show that they will rule or work on the same line which was set by their ancestors.

Love, Respect and belief

Kings, Queens, and Popes are very popular and loved by the public, and so adopting the name of their predecessors makes it easy for them to make a place in their people's hearts and earn their love and respect and their belief.

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