Husband Has Loved Many (Many) Ladies

  • 7:07 pm August 1, 2018
  • Hazel

Marriage is one sacred relationship and the only relationship where both men and women have to compromise, adjust and share everything. Where women believe in compromising for their sake and men don't want to believe in the thinking of the same variety for every day. For example, if you like one food item and prefer to eat every day non-stop, then definitely it will bore you. You need different varieties to make your relationship work, it is the only survival thing to maintain your relationship with your partner. Where one has to adjust other have to compromise and fight all odds.

A Decent Man

This woman’s better half is a decent man. A decent, peaceful, strong man of basic tastes and delights. But then, by one means or another, he has figured out how to love a mind-blowing number and assortment of ladies both previously and amid our marriage.

A long time back he met an extremely young lady, and the manner in which he revealed to me this story, he was quick, for all time stricken. She had a corporate activity and pencil skirts, high as can be, kelly green foot sole areas and substantial dark eyeliner.

Sharp Personality

The first date is always a very romantic and memorable thing indeed. A connection develops between them instantly and is very strong.

While talking about himself he said that he was the source of energy, a sharp person who is very active. He used to pick her up from the airport after weekly work trips because he couldn’t wait for her to get a taxi.

This was his first true love. It feels envious when we hear her story, she was so important to him and her impact on him was wrong.

A Peaceful Couple

She had seen his pictures with other women who he had met in graduate school.

In the picture, a woman was sitting in the shade and he was building a deck onto his house, overall the picture looked very peaceful.

He was so comfortable working around her, just knowing that she was there with him, was comforting.

Unique Connection

They were in the same class and studied together, stayed up late together. they worked and made coffee for each other and served ice cream for each other, such perfect lovers.

They understood each other and were quite comfortable around each other. It makes the woman feel to have that unique connection.

Impressed by her strength

After some years he spent a massive amount of time with yet another woman, she was different from others and she was expecting a baby and she suffered from nausea which was frequent.

He said how impressed she was by her strength. When she delivered the baby, she got emotional at times whenever the baby even did simplest of the movements.

he missed her old self

Her priority became children and parenting, her conversations were about the same things.

He cared for her but she had changed and he missed the lady in a cocktail dress.

It is quite alluring when you think about the gentleness and caring attitude towards the woman he loved, feels like she is very lucky. “I’ve been many women in the years I’ve known my husband.”



Getting to marriage and family from work and travel. This woman has been a full-time and part-time student, and also a homemaker.

She has been through it all. She has 4 children and watched the changes that impacted her mind, body, and soul. But whatever the circumstance was, he stood beside her, strong.

“May he love me I am tomorrow as well as he has loved me’s of the last decade.”