Irish Dancers Perform Lovely Dance Routine On The Tune, Shape Of You!

  • 1:17 pm September 18, 2018
  • Hazel

Irish Dances are one of the oldest dance forms and we are quite entertained by the looks of it. It is not only entertaining but is also a fun thing to dance around. The tunes are something that boosts the mood to dance and when you are Irish dancing you need quite a dazzling tune to tap your feet to. These girls have done it wonderfully well and we cannot be more proud of it. The song that they chose to groove around with fits quite well with the dance form that they chose. It is one of the hit songs of 2017 and we cannot think of a better song to watch this graceful performance with.

Shape of You

We are all aware of the famous song, Shape of You from Ed Sheeran and everyone is in love with the beautiful song. The beats are awesome and something that you can surely dance to it. Be it any dance form it perfectly fits with it and you it is relatable too!

Irish Girl falling in love with an English Man!

Yes, we are talking about, Galway Girl. This one group was waiting excitedly for Ed Sheeran's next video for his song Galway Girl. Which is why all the Irish dancers over the world were striding their moves to the beat of Sheeran's songs with hashtag, #Step4Sheeran just so he can see their video, for which he decided to shoot in Ireland.

Ed Sheeran one told that he is definitely going to shoo the video of the song in Ireland. So that people there would connect with it. He had said to Eoghan McDermott on his 2FM show. These girls from the Hession School of Irish Dance in Galway, who now call themselves as “Ed’s Galway Girls,” decided to bust a move for the purpose of getting to perform in the video.

Saoirse Ronan

The 8 Girls from Hession performed on 'Shape Of You' song by Ed Sheeran and while clicking their heels off just like the Irish dance the song switched to traditional Irish music of A Lovely Madness by Beoga.

But Sheeran had recently revealed that Saoirse Ronan, who was nominated for an Oscar for her role in Brooklyn, will star as the “Galway Girl” in his new video.


These girls from the Hession School had really put up lot's of efforts make this dance their best performance and we should be glad that they captured it on camera. Of course, they had to put it up on the internet to Ed To watch!