Italian Guy Trolls Celebrity Pictures In The Most Hilarious Way

  • 8:13 am June 1, 2018
  • Hazel

Recently, it is a trend that has the internet amused by mocking celebrities by copying their Instagram poses in which you will find possible ambiguity in interpretation. It is funny but creative and as the famous Australian comedian, Celeste Barber to a 44-year-old engineer from India started it. Everyone seems to enjoy and laugh over the comparison between a celebrity life and a regular person’s. The guy, Emanuele Ferrari, also known as Emi, is from Italy and his ‘mania’ with trolling celebrity pics started in 2014. He has 660k followers on Instagram since then. Emanuele seems hilarious with his iconic and genius looks created using random stuff.

Lettuce look alike

Lele out turning men into a salad like a boss! He forgot the tan line though! Forget about "eat your greens" wear them!

This is epic!

That turtle cracked me up! His imagination is wild! He forgot to put a grilled steak or draw lines on face and abs. This guy is a riot! This is hilarious!

Which one is the parody?

The first one looks worse than the parody actually! That garlic is the real inspiration behind Nikki's look! He missed the eyeball spider though!

That mole, though!

Veggie headdress and latex glove... This is literally the best thing I have seen all day! I can't stop laughing at the face he made to look more gorgeous!

Unrealistic body expectations

What's going on here? ...Talking of unrealistic body expectations... I wonder what that thing is, which he has taped to his chest.

Kylie wardrobe mishap!

This is indeed a well-placed wardrobe malfunction! It looks like he stole construction zone netting for this one!! And he actually looks better than Kylie!

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are those sour-tapes?

This is so awesome! and this is how filters are invented! Just kidding, his picture might have got more likes than the left picture!

Find the differences

I love his complete lack of facial expression in them all! The noodle thing cracked me up! Those "find the differences" games are getting harder and harder every time.

A fan boob!

I am a fan of this guy's work! This is brilliant! Her shoes are the ugliest thing I've seen. He's actually improved the outfit. I'm just impressed he can keep a straight face long enough to get a picture.

Zac Efron Bread or Beard!

Zac Efron looks weird in this pic. This seems to be his funniest pic ever but this guy made it funnier.

He probably stuck those toasted bread with peanut butter. Lol. Close enough!