Men Will Be Men 10 Pictures In The Past Which Prove The Same

  • 5:36 pm September 8, 2018
  • Helma

Well men will be men and it's not just today but men from the past also have the same problem where they like to stare at women's asset like they have never seen before. And it's not men from the today's world do it well men from the past also like to stare at women like they can't resist them as they want to devour them with their scrutinizing eyes.

That's Why Men Love Skirts

Men will men and by looking at these pictures which are taken from the past says that we can't change the nature of men when it all started from the vintage areas.


Have you ever heard that girls have sixth sense where they can feel it that when a person is looking or touching her inappropriately

Shorts Are Like Inviting Them

We live in a modern world but that thing is still going on where it says that shorts skirts are like they are inviting it but they are wrong as skirts are just fashion we women love to wear not to tempt men.

They Like It When Women's Are Notorious

If she is having fun with you, talking or laughing with you it doesn't mean she is interested in you it can be either way like she might like to be friends with you.

Keep Staring

They like staring at women's asset like they are born to look at that perfect curves well some may like but some just move away from it

Blame Their Eyes

If we try to educate them we will still fail because we can stop the men but we can't stop their nature or their eyes.

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Can't Keep Hands Off From Helpless Woman

They know how to take advantage of helpless women or unconscious women who are in need of help and some men's bad intentions destroy a women's trust towards men.

Leering Like Wolves

Men can be little disrespectful in terms of women who are like a trophy to their eyes and even if we try everything we can't save the women from this world where men's eyes are always disrespecting them.

When Cinderella Enters

We have seen how Cinderella enters the castle to look for her prince and this looks exactly same except for the prince.

Prying Eyes

Well, men can't keep their prying eyes off from any women and if she is wearing a skirt then God forbids because they are like a treat to them.