Most Expensive And Extraordinary Things Owned By Russian President Vladimir Putin

  • 3:32 pm July 14, 2018
  • Hazel

Presidentship comes with responsibilities but it also brings a lot of advantages. Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia has seemed to be taken those advantages very well. His memes were made, like any other celebrity and he has been in news for almost everything that he has done. People love to see what he is up to and what his next move is going to be. A Russia’s president is prone to such incredible fame. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is a Russian statesman and former intelligence officer serving as President of Russia since 2012, previously holding the position from 2000 until 2008. He is quite known all over the world. He says he has come from an ordinary family but look where he is now, owning the expensive ordinary things…

Expensive suits

Each suit that Putin wears is approximately about $5000. He loves Italian suits especially the brand, Brioni which is quite famous for dressing up the pupular and elite people from the past 100 years.

The brand describes itself as,“the brand still bespeaks money, power and success having won a passionate following among CEOs, movie stars, and assorted world leaders”

A Billion Dollar Art Collection

Well, this might shock you a bit. So, hold onto your seats. According to some rumors, an elderly couple donated their art collection to Putin. The art collection is hidden somewhere in downtown Moscow in an apartment building. You might be wondering why hidden? Why the safety? Well, the art collection is worth around $2 billion.

Car collection

He is the president of Russia, of course, he has luxurious collections. His car collection is so huge that you might wonder if he is a politician or a businessman. He owns a collection of 700 cars. Let that sink in...

He has every car in his collection from high profile cars like Bentleys, Ferraris, Mercedes, Lamborghinis and many more. Only his official Mercedes that is used for official transport of the President is armored and costs about $250’000.

Palaces, Mansions and Others

Putin owns around 20 residences, according to the sources but it is believed that he might have more of them but only access 20 out of the total residences.

These 20 residences are not just normal flats or houses but they are proper luxurious villas, palaces, and mansions.

Out of all those 20 residences, Villa Segren is the most attractive one. Being the president's resident it’s heavily guarded and this is the reason that no one knows what it looks like from inside. It is situated close to the finish border and is spread across 50 acres of land.

Planes and Jets

We know about his luxurious car collection but this man has more luxuries than you think he does. He even owns planes and jets, and not just one or two, but 58 planes in total. If you combine all their prices it is worth $1 Billion.

Stock Portfolio

It is really skeptic of how he manages to live such an expensive luxurious lifestyle with the salary of $9millions per year.

It is because of his Stock Portfolio. He owns some awesome stock portfolios which are worth billions. It is rumored that Putin owns 37% of the oil company called Surgutneftegaz, which has a market cap of $20 billion in 2018 alone.

That explains his expensive lifestyle...

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A watch collection

Russia's presidentship is one of the most powerful thrones in the world and thus the president lives up to the throne with his expensive lifestyle and his appearance while he is public.

And what all the collections are worth if a man doesn't have a watch collection? Putin has a collection worth $687,000, while other sources say that it’s worth $1million.