No One Will Ever Tell You These Truths About Marriage

  • 6:01 pm July 5, 2018
  • Hazel

When we were kids, we dreamt of marriage being a fairytale and the life after that being happily ever after but in reality, it is totally different. Marriage is a sacred thing and people share their lives with their better halves and have to compromise and they their love life turns into family life. There are many instances where you can relate to if you are married, like when you have to share your bed and your t.v and in simple words, your privacy. For those who are unmarried, these things might help you know about your life after marriage If you ever plan on marrying…


So when you are into a marriage you know that you not only share your time, life and all of the things but also food! This might be hard for the people who are not quite habitual of sharing their food but this is the universal ritual that married people follow and so if you are married you have to follow this too! Married people already know how this feels!


Alright! We already spoke about sharing! Now, sharing food and other things are 50-50 but when it comes to your salary or in general let's just say that whenever you think of budget of your monthly expenses, you give it t your wife. It is a universal thing. So, your salary is actually handled by your wife and not you! That might explain the image, in defense of women! You're welcome!

Husbands are bad cooks!

Not every woman is blessed with a husband who is an awesome cook too! If you are the lucky one, congratulations! But the less fortunate ones have my condolences! So, we all agree that these awesome species, MEN! simply cannot cook! Even if they do cook awesome food, they make your kitchen look like hell! So, whatever it is, men can just not cook properly!

Lazy husbands

Not blaming it on the gender but most of the men are just lazy when it comes to errands. When you ask them for a game night or anything that doesn't include errands they are totally up for it but when it comes to laundry or just anything productive thing in the house they are the laziest kids to handle!

Time changes, people don't!

Time indeed passes very quickly! But that doesn't mean that the people who live together change. Well, they might change a little, but their mannerisms or maybe their personality doesn't change that much! Deep down they are the same people. Maybe they only aged and not changed as a person as a whole!

Stinky partners!

Yes yes, let's just commit that we get a license to fart in the presence of our partners when we get married. This is the unspoken truth that people don't usually talk about! Here we have spotted this truth, just for you! ...Our pleasure!

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The wait!

This one is dedicated to all the men who deal with wives who take forever to get ready! Well, they are just lucky that the men they married actually wait for them to get ready! A tip for men- If you are planning to go out with your wife then wait for her to get done with her makeup. The time after that will be enough for you to get ready! Sorry women, they need a survival hack! It is for your own good!

The togetherness is all you need!

It is clingy to be together all day but then you know that home is where your partner is and you will want to go home after a long working day. The togetherness feels like heaven and you feel like that is the only thing you need in life!