Not So Innocent Drawing Of These Kids That Left Us In Splits

  • 3:31 pm September 29, 2018
  • Hazel

When we talk to kids, they often talk about extraordinary things, like space, fairytales, and superpowers. And we enjoy listening to their talks when they say that they aspire to become something supernatural and their innocence have us intrigued about their aspirations. Even their art is all supernatural and intriguing, fun. But some kids are just a level up from the normal and make weirdest drawings you’ll ever see, though innocently they made us laugh our hearts out. These are some kids that left us in splits with their not so innocent drawing.

“Mom, just whisper it to me.”

This little boy wants to show that his mother wants to stay quiet but actually, he ended up making this weird drawing and tagging it as his mother just made it worse.

“I’m going to sell snow shovels too.”

The drawing looks weird but we don't what it is exactly well but we bet the look on the teacher's face after seeing this drawing.

“Look, dad, that’s the special whistle right there.”

Is it our mind or the kids are messing with it because we really have a cruel mind until the kid point what exactly it is.

“Look, mom, I just drew the tallest volcano.”

Well, we have seen volcanos but it nothing look like this and we are pretty sure after seeing this kid drawing his parents would be in the embarrassing situation.

“Ooh boy, I finally got the scissors right.”

If you really have a double meaning mind then we really can't help it because this drawing may look innocent but it is giving us our worst imagination.

“Yup, that’s Jesus right there.”

Well no offense to anyone and we seriously need some kind of holy book right now as our mind is giving us worst kind of imaginations that need to be cleaned.

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“That’s your rocketship ride for Mother’s Day, mom. You like it, huh, don’t you?”

That astonishes face after seeing this drawing we wonder they should really get a better drawing teacher because we can't help it just laugh.

“I drew plenty and plenty of mushrooms!”

Oh this was mushrooms okay thank god because we thought something else and now you know the worst things always come first.

“That’s a daddy skeleton.”

We have seen skeletons but this one is more special as the skeleton has one more skeleton in his body.

“That’s you, mommy.”

Well, mommy is now in an embarrassing situation because of her dearest kid that just made her hide her face everywhere because of this drawing.