Only True Geniuses Found The Odd One Out in This Visual Puzzle. Are You One of them???

  • 9:37 am December 8, 2020
  • suhas

So here we have a visual puzzle for you. This puzzle determines your vision, observation skills and the sharpness of your brain. We have a set of visual puzzles and all you have to do is find an odd man out! It ain't as easy as it seems. Give it a shot!


Here's an ocean of M's! There sure are a lot of M's out here. Look for an odd one out maybe? This one is isn't as easy as it seems, yes! But having said that, it ain't that difficult either!


So did you find an N in this ocean of M's? In case you did not, check out the image here. See, told you, not that difficult!


Let's ease things up for you a little! Now here we have a lot of 8's. You have to find an odd one out. Since the size of this thing is super large, it won't be as difficult as the previous one! Try and check?

Easy Peasy?

I am sure a lot of you would have gotten this one thanks to its size! It was right there in front of you and all you needed to do was focus!

Real Test!

Let's jumble it up a bit now. We have increased the 8's and the size is smaller now. Figure out an odd man out in this one! This seems to be a real test, right? This needs some serious focus to be honest!

Not So easy?

Didn't find it? Well, not your fault at all. this one wasn't easy to begin with! But I am sure you did good!

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Easy M's

So we started off this quiz with a difficult set of M's, right? Here's an easier version of that! A version where you will easily be able to spot the difference! This one is going to be a relief for your eyes after the previous one!

Got It?

I am so sure you must have gotten it this time for sure! It wasn't very difficult to be honest and was right in front of you as well!


Time to show you some R's now. Since the stuff is in large size, it ain't very difficult! You may require some focus though! Try and look for the odd one here?


Now then, did you find a B here? It would've taken a couple of extra seconds but you would've surely gotten it I feel!

Our Favorite

This one is the trickiest of them all! Not easy at all to find. But try and you may get the odd one out here. I took 115 seconds for this one, what about you?


So here's the answer. Truth be told, it wasn't that difficult, was it? Was right in front of you! Did you get it? Also, how many overall did you get? let us know for sure!