Our Ancestors Did These 8 Super Weird Things!

  • 10:56 am November 7, 2020
  • surabhi

Evolution is a good thing and after reading this article you are probably going to be really thankful for evolution. Don't believe us? Well, take a look at what our ancestors (Yes yours too!) did in their times. As a human living in the 21st century, we cannot even fathom most of these!


Memorial services are super creepy places no doubt about it. But these people from the 1900's had a tradition that is going to blow your head off. They literally made the corpse smile and make look like it was alive and clicked pictures right before the burial. What weird kind of interest was this?


Yes this was legit practiced by medical officers as a way of letting the infection or the disease pass through the patients body. Ofcourse it made the patient weaker and ofcourse some casual deaths happened due to this. But it took a while for it to stop!


In the 16th centuries, all boys till 8 years of age would wear dresses. Did anyone think that life is difficult for people in the 21st century? Well think of those little ones and the discomfort they would have felt back then? But again, if the whole world was doing it, we see no reason to feel odd right!?


We are all always complaining about sleep cycles being terribly affected right? But picture this - in the ancient times our ancestors slept in two installments - yes you got that right. They would first sleep from sunset to midnight and then wake up for a few 3-4 hours as a break. In this break they would dance, listen to music, eat etc. Then again they would go to sleep till sunrise!


Chopines are a kind of platform shoes that were about 20 inches high. They were called zoccoli or pianelle and were shoes that the fashionistas of centuries ago used quite frequently. Clearly fashion back then (like even today!)was surprisingly painful!


Water brought illness to man - atleast this is what the ancient people believed. In fact they even believed that lice were "The Pearls of God" If you haven't gotten grossed out yet, then picture this - people didn't bathe for months together. In fact Isabella I of Castille even revealed that she bathed only twice in her entire life - at birth and before her wedding!

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Remember the whole human message carriers? Well similarly the ancient world had a way of getting people to pretend like things - for instance an alarm clock. Much before the electric clocks came into the picture, people were appointed for the same. If the cockadoodledoo didn't wake you up, these human alarm clocks definitely would have!


The ancient Greeks laid down a lot of rules even for toilet rules - rocks, shards of pottery or pebbles instead of toilet papers for cleaning... umm you know what! You read that right not plant leaves or corn cobs, or wool cloth - rocks!