People Who Experienced Menacing ‘Glitch In The Matrix’ Moments Confessions

  • 3:00 pm May 21, 2018
  • Hazel

Sometimes we experience weird and creepy incidents that just don’t add up in the real time. We get confused as to what actually happened and also unexplainable. We try to figure out what exactly happened to try to investigate, think about it but end up giving up on it because it doesn’t make any sense. It is like dreaming but only you think it was real and people don’t understand what we try to deliver. Sometimes we don’t even talk about it being embarrassed by what will people think if we narrate to them this creepy experience. They will probably think we are insane.

Creepy Nightmares

Somethings happen for the good. You have intuitions so that you could change what is going to happen for the better.

Sometimes you dream which are detailed and then the same situation happens to you in the real life and this makes you feel like it is déjà vu.

A Lady That Needed Roses

Coincidences are sometimes so surprising that we get so amused by it that it almost makes us feel like it is a dream.

It's like it's meant to be there at that time and place.

A Strange Dinner Date

The next time you think there is no one around, think again! There might just some seconds late to get to the spot with their time machines.

Or maybe they are just hiding there to surprise you. There's one more possibility of you getting stuck in time.

An Unusual Walk down The Street

This story is proof of the men in black. Some things are just unexplainable but when we watch movies like these we are often tempted to believe what happened with us. Maybe it is just the creepiest thing happened to you but it might just be a normal day for those people who live their life like the MIB. Maybe they exist, I hope they do!

A Strange Voice

Believing in glitch and time machines is weird but sometimes you are feeling something more supernatural things than this and it is unexplainable and you just start praying or something to get rid of the awful thing you just experienced.

When there are people with you experiencing the same thing you talk about it and after sometimes just throw it up as a laugh!

A Message That Went Wrong

This is the worse thing to happen to anyone. Talking to yourself on the phone is menacing and you probably don't want to be called insane when that happens.

This is really disturbing.

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Sleep Tracking App

Sleep is one thing that you need to survive but when you experience a neverending loop of sleeping an waking up while doing your usual things as if the dreaming inside a dream and it doesn't end there.

It goes on and on and it tires us moreover it makes us mad thinking about it and nothing adds up!