10 People Who Took Revenge In The Most Wicked Way

  • 1:17 pm June 12, 2018
  • Hazel

What goes around comes around and it definitely does hit you hard when it does. When it holds you by the neck it gives you a good lesson to learn from. But there are some people who don’t wait for it to act and they instead take the responsibility to avenge themselves and with a wicked way. They don’t really wait for the nature to take its toll. Being the karma is what they believe in and this is definitely not what I expect to get from anyone I know.

Don't ever mess with a tattoo artist

I feel so sorry for this woman. I'm sure she had done something unforgivable to get this poop looking tattoo on her back. I am terrified of this tattoo artist. Never mess with a tattoo artist!

Before you judge...

This guy is awesome or maybe someone else did this to his car. To let the world know about his dirty secrets before he could even notice. He's going to be judged so hard, by the people who read the paper.

No one deserves this

It would be so frustrating to get find all your electronics flushed in the toilet. I am sure the person who did this surely has no heart. I would never ever think of doing something so bad to my worst enemy.

Even animals believe in Karma

Or maybe they think that they are Karma. I am proud of this horse for doing what it did. Who braids Horses hair? This is too human for the animal.

I am Rotten

This is so random. Like, someone on Tumblr said it and the person who got the tattoo, got it only because he believes in tumblr facts and did no research on the thing either. This is sheer dumbness...

His dad is funny!

Next time when he is even doing something legal he is going to be forever scared of his dad. This is so much fun to mess up with the people you know.

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Prom fails

This is so smart! She found "no" in the place the guy could not even imagine. She found the option, no matter what choice you offer. I want to know the guy's reaction to this answer.

Bear with me

This is so cruel, I would never do this to anyone at all. Like, why would other people, who had nothing to do with that guy's drink had to suffer? This guy is either too selfish or maybe I am too selfless.

A baby as a revenge

I don't know how this is a revenge? This is only going to be suffering for the mother of the child and not the man. She has to carry around the baby in her belly. Maybe then she'll realize how the Karma works, or maybe how Karma strikes back.

These are so simply destroyed

How do they even make it? It is now that you have seen this picture that you realize how the most shoe company make shoes that doesn't take much effort and still expensive.