Photographer Spends 10 Years Photographing Same Bench, Captures More Than He Expects

  • 5:38 pm March 24, 2018
  • bhavna

Each picture has a different story!

The Bench With Myriads of Stories

A Ukrainian photographer captured this bench for a decade.

The Decade For A Bench

Yevhen Kotenko captured this bench from his kitchen window for a decade and the pictures will surely make you feel a lot of things at once!

The Bench Has It All

This bench has seen different shades in different people, strangers, friends, foes discussing over a bottle of alcohol!

The Constant

While the paint of the bench changed over these years, everything else remained same!

Limitless Pictures

" I didn’t give myself any time limits or goals, I just went to the kitchen and looked out the window,”, he said

The Myriads of Emotions

“Usually there was something to see.”

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Life Comes in different shades

Although Kotenko claimed he has fond memories of the neighbourhood he grew up in, “there were a lot of bad things, too, that is better not to think about.”

The Dreadful Reality

“The worst thing was seeing people I went to school with drinking on this bench, then crawling home like reptiles. I was scared that if I went outside, I’d become one of them.” Kotenko said the subjects he captured were oblivious to his camera.

The Bonds Grew

While some people bonded over the bench, others kept waiting for the right one!


There are a lot of emotions attached to the bench!


People sat here looking for solace and calmed themselves!

Friendship Grew

Lighting a cigarette, they discussed a thousands of issues!

And talked about millions of things

Friends chatting over a can of beer!

The Weather Change

The weather changed, years passed, but the bench remained strong!


The people warmed themselves sitting here!

Cried Here, Slept Here

These pictures will surely leave you feeling a lot of things, together!

Sitting In Solace

Everyone has a world inside them!

Too Many Emotions

And too fewer words to describe!

The Project Display

His project had been on display at a Kyiv art pub until January 26 and received mixed reactions. “Some people laughed, others complained that I just focused on the alcoholics.”

The View

Though the photographer has moved from the home which offered him this view, his parents still live here!