Pictures That Were Taken Moments Before Reality Struck

  • 4:11 pm May 24, 2018
  • Hazel

Because of cell phone camera technology, people have the privilege of capturing pictures of their surroundings or happenings, so there are people who manage to click pictures just at the right moment, which becomes a memory captured. Only that memory reminds you of how awkward you were, while that picture was taken. There are moments when we get all awkward. It is usually before something funny is about to happen or any occurrence that will make you feel embarrassed. No matter how hard you try to escape the embarrassment, there is photographic evidence of your clumsiness. These pictures are no less than the same.

Neigh nope!

We live in a world where the camera is used everywhere. No matter what the situation is out quick reflex is to get a camera out and record it!

This man was actually trying to get a picture with the children on the horse, but the horse had a different plan than just giving a joyful ride!

Big Splash Coming in...

When you go swimming in summer, you always think of enjoying there with cool pictures to click and showing off your amazing diet-obtained body!

This guy here had the same plans, like taking a shirtless hot picture but instead ended up capturing the moment right before he realized where that water splash came from!

Falling Glamourously

This is one of the epics falls I have ever seen. It is funny how she has no weird expression on her face while falling oh so glamorously!

Scarlett definitely knows how to pose!

Swinging High!

We all love swings, right? But even if you are an adult you are prone to fall while the act.

We are well aware why kids fall, and they are not to be blamed for it because they are kids.

But as an adult, it is very disappointing to fall off of it.

This girl definitely looks like she is high!

But she is soon going to be low on the ground, lol!

Instagram post!

This woman put up this post on Instagram where she gained lots of sympathies, asking is she okay. Well, luckily she wasn't majorly hurt by the ball. She had just a little bump on her head with the ball!

Goat attack!

This looks so funny! First of all, why is there a goat inside the house? Second, how did the person get time to capture this picture but not help the girl away from the goat? Well, the amazing thing is that I have never seen a pissed of attacking goat ever before!

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This is so irresponsible! If you are an adult you should be careful. Not like this stupid person who is just in the right position for some serious hurt!

And when you have friends like that girl in the back, you should be damn careful!

Face hit!

This is exactly why you shouldn't play wearing your spectacles on! Everything aside, this is an epic picture! I love her expression, it is sudden shock with a tint of realization! priceless!