Poor Single Mother Builds Her Own 200 Square Foot Home, A Walk Through Her Home Will Make You Wish It Were Yours

  • 6:05 pm July 27, 2018
  • Hazel

When you are a single mother, you have a lot of responsibilities that you are obliged to perform. It is very hard for your survival without any help. It is anything but easy, you need to see to everything and you even have to take care of your children. They have no security that they would’ve gotten if they had their husbands with them. All the work that they do is for their children and to even take care of their education and their well being. She has to look after her household and her work together and this makes it harder for her to give time to herself and try something new. She is always on the edge trying to make the ends meet. While being so busy with all the work she wouldn’t think of creating something new until and unless she is in need of it. This poor single mother has the faces the same problem and made this awesome 200 square foot home that will make you forget your own and will make you wish to make your own!

Michelle “MJ’ Boyle

This single mother, Michelle “MJ’ Boyle had to pay USD $1,500 a month to rent a small home in Sherwood, Oregon.

Which is very expensive if you are a single source of income for your household. Michelle’s salary was not enough, and so she could never save that much.

Working at a coffee shop

The salary that she was earning at the coffee shop was spent only for rent and food. She was helpless and living in the street with her kids was not an option.

But when her children moved out, she finally got the time for herself and she decided that it was time to do some changes in her life.

Her savings...

So, with the money she had managed to save, she utilized it in building her own new house.

This was a big change for her, as her rent expenses would cut down and the other expenses were not that bad so that would make her save for the future retirement life too.

Tiny House

But it wasn’t easy and so she started by joining Tiny House. This organization helped people build their own houses to live a simpler and thriftier life.

She somehow managed to buy a tiny house, unlike her rental house which was larger. She used to pay, $1,500 in rent for a 3 bedroom home.

And now she lives in a small, 200 square foot cottage which is only $70 a month which includes, electricity, water, and WiFi!

Her interview...

Michelle told Oregon Live in an interview that, “Building anything with your own hands is one of the most rewarding experiences. In my case: I’m not only building it, I designed it.”

It is so convenient and cheap and you are surely going to forget about your large homes when you see this cozy little dwelling of this lady.

She designed it!

Michelle explains, “All of my devices are from around the mid-1940s to early 1950s. It took me almost two years to collect and renovate my collection.

Everything is done with love. The theme is modern nostalgia and I think I really managed to accomplish it.”

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Her tiny dwelling!

This little dwelling looks perfect but Michelle isn’t done with her dream project yet.

So, she is still carrying on the task of learning and designing new things for her new home and other tiny homes instead of just taking a break from work and enjoying her life.

She is thinking of renting them out in the future to have a safe source of income.