Popular Celebrities With WORST PERSONAL HYGIENE Habits. Dirty!

  • 6:07 pm October 4, 2020
  • suhas

They may just be your idols. You may consider them the most iconic person in the world. You may just be their huge fan but the reality is that these are the celebs with extremely terrible personal hygiene. If you were friends with them, you may not have hung up with them. These are some popular celebs with terrible hygiene!

Jessica Simpson

Let's start with Jessica Simpson. she is super pretty and very successful. According to her co stars, she smells great as well. But having said that, she once admitted to Ellen DeGeneres that she avoids brushing her teeth at every opportunity. She believes that because her teeth are so white and her breath is always fresh, brushing isn’t necessary. Ewwww!


She might have figured out a way to mellow down a bit now but when she newly burst into the scene, she was nothing short of wild! She had some super weird habits. That apparently included drinking her own waste, something she did when filming her documentary series ‘Kesha: My Crazy Beautiful Life.’ Weird, right?

Kourtney Kardashian

Kardashians are super popular all around the world. Kourtney is extremely good looking and gives you an extremely fresh feels almost every time she is clicked. But according to her ex Scott Disick, she doesn't smell as fresh as she looks all the time. In fact, when their kids were very young, her body odor was reportedly far from appealing. Supposedly, Kourtney gave up on using deodorant because she thought it was “bad for breastfeeding or something.” Yes, she smelled terrible.

Robert Pattinson

He is one of the hottest in the industry but definitely not one of the cleanest. The man doesn't like washing his hair and reportedly rarely washed it while he was shooting for Twilight. He in fact told an Extra that he didn’t see the point in cleaning his hair, and that the rumors of him not shampooing in six weeks were probably true. In his eyes, there was no point in going to so much effort when he didn’t care about being clean. Yikes!

Britney Spears

Over the years, there have been so many claims made by so many people regarding Britney's personal hygiene. One such claim came from her former bodyguard, Fernando Flores. According to him, she often smelt of stale tobacco because of how frequently she supposedly smoked. This wasn’t helped by her allegedly infrequent bathing, disinterest in deodorant, and failure to brush regularly. And this is definitely not it. He also claimed that she often walked around without shoes and socks on, which is perhaps the one thing that photo evidence can back up. Damn, this is dirty!

Russell Crowe

Another celeb infamous for smelling terrible is Russell Crowe. So Renee Zellweger apparently asked to work with a body double of Crowe’s while filming ‘Cinderella Man.’ She allegedly didn’t wish to do any intimate scenes with the actor because of his body odor. He doesn't really look like this, right?

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Zac Efron

Given how hot he is, a lot of you might not wanna believe this but this man is dirty! According to Star magazine, the actor hasn’t learned that it pays to stay clean when you’re an A-list star. Efron allegedly only showers occasionally, despite the fact he exercises on a regular basis. Supposedly, even when he does wash himself, it’s only with baby wipes. Now this is unacceptable, right?

Brad Pitt

Speaking of another extremely handsome man, No Brad Pitt is not the cleanest either. According to his ex wife and some A listers he has worked with, the man stinks! Also, he doesn't like using soap and bathes with a home made formula of vinegar and lemon juice. Now we know why he stinks!

Courteney Cox

Courteney Cox has questionable personal hygiene as well! When she was married to her ex-husband, David Arquette, she apparently had a tendency to “smell like a truck driver.” I mean that's what her husband said. She would barely clean up is what was told around!

Johnny Depp

And finally, let's end this list with Johnny Depp. It’s been reported that Johnny will often go days and sometimes even weeks without washing himself or his hair. Apparently, his former partners have complained about it in the past. Too bad!