Trendy Viral Pictures That Are Actually Photoshopped

  • 4:24 pm April 18, 2018
  • mariam

Adobe Photoshop is a raster graphics editor. It is indeed an amazing invention. The editing technology is something that the world is proud of having. Thanks to Microsoft, I wonder what would the world be like, if we didn’t have photoshop, we might’ve missed the awesome effects it has to offer. There is so much creativity that would have been missed! It is a blessing to have such invention in our hands but there are some people that take this to another level by combining them together. It is entertaining, indeed but there are somethings that should be left the way it is.

This one looks so real. The one who did this must receive an award.

It looks so fricking real. I can't even imagine the real picture. This real creativity. Imagine if this really happened. What then? There should be a movie made solely to show this image in action!

I am sure this would be a huge hit! It has already blown so many people's mind and we are glad to have seen such awesome thing!

It is just a perfect merge of two different photos. It is so sad but this is the reality of that photo. The helicopter you are seeing with an army man is from a rescue mission and a shark that is placed there is a random ocean photography.

The Dream Castle on a Mountain!

I wish was true because it looks like a fairy tale. It is just a perfect example of a perfect photoshop art piece that showcases our dreams in virtual reality.

This one in spite of being fake looks so damn real. Sometimes fairytale pictures are simply beautiful to see.

The BIG BANG Theory

Social media was totally blown by this picture. In this picture, the artist tried to show that when Vietanmis people test their bomb, Einstein was rambling over there.

It is actually funny that the people let Einstien chill over there.

Poison fruit

This looks like a new species of watermelon. The color is faked by a photoshop artist, everything is same as a normal one.

There was also a rumor about this picture is that when you eat this watermelon it changes its color again into the normal one.

How insightful, right?

Wild Life Photography, gone wild!

It looks like they were having a good time capturing the bear in their lens but the bear saw the sneaky humans.

This picture goes so viral cause it is looking like some photographer gone to take some shots of wildlife creature but the shoot turns into a rampage when a bear caught them in the wild.

This is such perfection of two pictures combining together.

Metro Goldwyn Mayer, what did you do?

We have all seen the Tom and Jerry show, and the infamous, the Lion in the intro of the Show.

It was such an amusement to see that.

In the picture, It was a CAT scan machine on which a sick lion is lying down for a CAT scan. This not behind the scene from MGM intro shot.

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Beautiful Black Beast!

The swag just gets level up, as the Black ads more depth to the picture.

We really wish this breathe picture is also fake and color correction worst was real, but it fake.

It would have been a new species


This is so funny because, the artist has made it so fricking real, the details are so perfect. You cant even find a single mistake and blooper in that editing.

Maybe this a part of the dirty political game played on the president.

Look behind!

This one picture had actually scared the whole world as it went viral because it delivered such horror.

It is fake, indeed. The Artist can turn anything which is quite often dangerous.

It is hard to find any clue which shows this picture is fake. Even the picture quality is so dull to show you the detail of any cut and crop. Photoshop can literally create anything, this world has ever imagined.

Lemme take a SELFIE!

If the plane which I'm flying is occupied with such careless pilot, I know I'm already done.

Scientifically and technically it is impossible because you can not open the cockpit windows while the plane is flying.

Ha, Ha, Busted!

Huge animals are amazing!

This is all romantic and kind of fairytale, but the reality is the dogs can only be that huge if their ancestors are that huge.

So, this one right here is a fake image and the photoshop artist should've done some research as well!

International Space Station clicked this picture?

This photo of a solar eclipse is not from any international space station, it is just from a professional photoshop artist’s computer.

Yes, it is true, no matter if this is fake but it is definitely the most beautiful edit! The details are so realistic

It is also very hard to spot a mistake.

Did the accidents really occur because of girls wearing shorts in 1937?

In this picture, 2 women wear shorts for the first time which causes accidents.

Maybe the people are all amazed but the car is definitely photoshopped!