10 Public Toilets All Over The World Will Amaze And Disgust You At The Same Time

  • 11:51 am July 2, 2018
  • Hazel

Toilets are important! It is the basic thing that we need in our homes and in public. Because you might have an emergency call of nature at any time and anywhere and when there are no washrooms available you know how helpless you feel. There are different places in the world who are quite familiar with the feeling more than you because they don’t have public washrooms and if they deal with emergency situations they have to do it in the open and this is common there. So, when you are privileged to have public toilets when you need it you are a lucky person. Even though we all humans are the same and deal with the same kind of situations and even deal with the same natural process… there are different kinds of things that different countries follow and so, we have compiled different kinds of public toilets in different styles that people prefer…

Reykjavik, Iceland

Wow, Iceland is taking hate to another level. There is a toilet that has pictures that are kept inside the pot where you can strike your piss on the faces( pictures) and get your hate out of you. This is actually an interesting idea!

Seoul, South Korea

South Korea is a little weird and the Seoul’s ice gallery has a weirder ice bathroom for the tourists. It is not just a art it also serves its purpose but you can sit there and click an attractive selfie.

Malawi, East Africa

East Africa is doing great in making such public bathrooms that are built of hay and other things that are waste otherwise. China should see this. Even East Africa respects privacy.

Beijing, China

While there is one part of China where public toilets are miserable as they are designed so the squat system and sit together, there are toilets in the metropolis that are just the opposite and it looks great from the outside.


This resembles a lot with the Indian toilets and this is just as creepy as the Indian public toilets. They only built it and then leave it as it is. Cleaning and maintenance are not given much preference because of which they end up looking like these disgust!


So, these are how the public toilets in China look like... Guess they didn't realize while building these that people need that private space while using the toilet. Maybe they believe in group hugging and this might just be a bad decision if people actually start peeing together in restrooms.

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Chonqing, China

China celebrates bathroom culture and they didn't spare even Gods in the way. This, 1,000-toilet complex in Chongqing, which is spread over 30,000 square feet, the four-story public restroom.

It features urinals shaped like curvaceous women, crocodiles, and also Virgin Mary.

London, England

This public washroom is found in one of the firefighter-themed restaurants and it looks quite weird to even imagine to take a piss in the bucket! so London has it's ways and you should definitely visit this place!


So, in the Netherlands, there are toilets everywhere. Because where there is more consumption of beer there is more piss. So the huge amount of consumption of beer they have these kinds of toilets everywhere. It is such a public thing that you might even chat with the person taking a piss next to you.


Japan also follows the same style as the Indians traditional toilet system. The squat type! But Japan is different and they have made excellent progress in literally everything and their public toilets are not only clean but they even added some luxury to it with it's highly developed toilets and added heated seats, a bidet function, and a dryer function.

They have awesome sanitation system to manage the wastage and use it as a fertilizer.