8 Quick Riddles For Adults To Stump Even The Smartest

  • 2:13 pm June 22, 2018
  • Hazel

Everyone has played riddles more than once in their lifetime. It might be in school or maybe in the family get together or some event. It is literally the go-to game when you can’t think of anything else and it is actually good because it is an exercise for your mind and it just boosts up your mind. You can take up quizzes and riddles like a morning coffee for your brain to start afresh. These riddles might play with your mind but they are definitely an entertaining one.

What can it be?

It is that you can't live without because your life revolves around it. Something that you carry everywhere and don't realize that you waste most of your time using it.

It is your phone.

What women make most use of it!

A woman has a better one and this is the voice. This is really soothing to your hears and it is something that not only women but also men possess. The answer is Voice!

Did you recognize?

Without this, we cannot feel the aroma of anything. Whether it is good or bad, it has different sizes and it also feels good and our face will look incomplete without it. Your nose.

What Is it?

This helps us during the time when we go out for camping and for a stay. Without this, we cannot move out of our house. It also helps us from cold and heat too. A tent.

It is....

Give a break in your thoughts, it is used in each and everyone's house and people can't live without it. Even you use it every day and night. Can you guess what it is? A fork.


This helps us to reach the heights and it brings down also faster. It has four corners with multiple buttons in it. All the lazy people use it. It takes loads and releases it slowly. An elevator.

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What we eat at movies

This cannot be what you are thinking. Because we cannot write what you are thinking. It is actually what we have in movies for stuffing your stomach. Popcorn.

For protection

This is again not what you are thinking. It is just the opposite of what you are thinking It is also used in hospitals. It is none other than... Gloves