9 Real Images Of These Amazing Viral Fake Photos!

  • 11:52 am October 6, 2020
  • suhas

Internet is a place where you simply cannot trust anything. For instance, we believed that these 9 images were crazy and amazing but turns out, they were fake. How do we know it? Here, we have their real counterparts. Wow!

Fake Selfie

You know how this image went crazy thanks to the novelty factor of this selfie? We were spellbound to see a mid air selfie. Lol, Fake! The real image is right next to it!

Edited Picture

When you look at this one, this clearly comes across as a fake image. Yet, few thought its real. Turns out, it wasn't. It was just a well edited image!

The Rice Flipper Boy

You know how we all went gaga over this rice flipper boy and were like blown away with his talent? Turns out that the Joke was on us! Now we know it was!

The letter 'C'

At first, we thought that how humorous this architecture college is given that they don't have their architecture in place. But no, everything is alright with it!

Frozen Venice Lake

People were confused watching this image that says Venice lake was frozen due to a polar vortex but no, it was just edited. People have a lot of time in their hands it seems.

Sitting Like A Frog

People all over the world were impressed with the flexibility of this girl. Well, clearly not that flexible!

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Rapunzel Castle

We have seen fairytale movie of Rapunzel and were made to believe that the castle was on this rock. No it wasn't!


Yes, global warming is real and yes, deforestation is the reason. But not everything that you see online is real!


This photo went extremely viral and became a laughing stock for all around. Turns out, there was nothing to laugh about and it was fake!