Scientists Claim That This 18-Year-Old Is The Most Beautiful Woman On Earth

  • 1:14 pm May 10, 2018
  • mariam

Meet the most beautiful Woman of the World – An 18-year-old with amazing features.

Beautiful Face

It is always said that Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder but what happens when this equation is mixed with science? This was an amazing research done by some scientists who claim to have found the most beautiful woman in the world.

Florence Colgate, an 18-year-old, is believed to have won the title of the beautiful woman because of the perfect symmetry of her face. She belongs to a small British town on the seaside and she works there in a fish bar two days a week.

Natural Beauty

This 18-year-old believes that her beauty is natural and she doesn’t find any reason to do any makeup to win the title. Almost 8000 people participated in the competition to find out Britain’s most beautiful face and Florence was one of them.

Those having plastic surgery or had makeup done were not shortlisted for the competition. Florence was being motivated by her customers, friends, and family to participate.


As per science, a perfect face has 46% width of the face from ear to ear and Florence was close with 44% measurement.

Studies also say that distance between the eyes and mouth should be one-third of the length of participants face and she stands at 32.8%.


She had a dream of going to the university like her friends but was willing to avail any opportunity she could get after winning the competition.

With such natural features, she got the chance to work in London modeling agency and will also be appearing on billboards and posters in the stores across the country.

Nice Message

At an Interview, she passed on a beautiful message to all the women to appreciate their natural self and not to wear any makeup. She, herself, would not like to undergo any plastic surgery and feels happy with the way she looks. Perfection always lies in being natural and the same is lost when the world gets obsessed with surgical or chemical fixtures.

Let’s watch the video and meet this beautiful lady.