She hears rumor about a dog who cries up in the mountains at night – climbs up and makes remarkable discovery

  • 2:47 pm March 7, 2018
  • admin

Not many people take the trouble to help out other beings on earth. But, there are others who keep the spirit of humanity alive. Trinity Smith is one such person who took great pain to find out about a dog who was in a very desperate need of help. Read to know what actually happened and how Trinity helped the poor animal.


Trinity Smith is a young amazing girl who is a darn animal lover from Colorado, USA. She often had heard rumors about a dog barking at a mountain nearby and wanted to help. However, she was in two minds as she was confused whether it was actually a poor dog crying for help in the lone mountains or a coyote barking.


Trinity, however, made up her mind that she would go there and find out all about the matter. What strengthened her determination was a news that a dog was reported to be missing in her area and she decided to go up there.


Trinity went up to the lone, unforgiving mountain and put all her heart and soul in finding the dog. She heard faint barks and was sure that it was a dog up there. She searched but couldn’t find anyone and even couldn’t track the sound of the poor animal. Unfortunately, evening struck and Trinity had to return with a heavy heart and an empty hand.


Trinity, however, did not lose hope and decided to go up again and this time accompanied by a friend, Sean Nicholas. Both went up to the mountains and shouted on top of their voices in search of the dog. They were about to lose hope when they heard a bark very much nearby. They tracked the sound and found out a sick and very much thin and lean dog clenched between the rocks. It was a miracle that the dog had survived there six weeks.


It was actually the 14-year-old dog Chloe who was lost and Sean and Trinity had found her owners through social media. It was a very emotional meet as the owners had lost all hopes of finding her back. Chloe has recovered very fast in spite of such a huge weight loss and illness. People are praising both Sean and Trinity for their brave step and helping out Chloe.