The Dramatic Transformation Of Ivanka Trump From 1981 To 2018

  • 3:29 pm May 19, 2018
  • mariam

Ivanka Marie Trump is an American model and businesswoman and daughter of President Donald Trump. Many people judge her and pass off her as a just pretty face. She was in headlines like other ladies opting for surgeries for a nose or lips like her. She is now a mother of three kids. Ivanka Trump made her own Identity in the world of modeling before shifting focus to the apparel industry. She is now the owner of the own line of jewelry, shoes, and clothing, she manages family and profession with equal ease.

Baby Ivanka

Ivanka is a daughter of Ivana and Donald Trump on October 30, 1981, in Manhattan, New York. She looks very cutely and adorable She also had two brothers, Donald Jr and Eric.

Father and Daughter Relation

Ivanka is very close with her father, she shares the very close relationship with father Donald. We have seen both of them at Maybelline look of the year in 1991.

She looks so pretty with daddy Trump. She was also seen with him in MTV Music Video Awards in 1995.

Daughter Is A Likeness Of Her Mother

Ivanka stepped into modeling world just like her mother Ivana Trump.

In the late 90's Ivanka walked on the runway of Mark Bouwer fail 98 show. Here's the picture.

MID 2000’S

Here we have a picture of Ivanka as she continued her modeling. She is also attending the American Museum of Natural History Annual Winter Dance.

She looks really hot in this black low cut dress.

Finally Ivanka As Business Woman

In 2007, Ivanka has launched her Ivanka fine Jewelry a line of diamond and gold jewelry which had been a hit since its launch.

There was also a launch party of Ivanka with Melania and Donald.

She Ties Knot

Ivanka tied a knot to an American businessman Jared Kushner a real estate developer on October 25, 2009.

From little cute girl to this elegant bride look on the aisle, Ivanka looks stunning now.

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Expanded Her Business and than again with father

Ivanka is always seen with her father Donald as she is close to him. She is seen in all his special occasions.

Here we have an image of her with father at World Golf Championships in March 2013.

2015 Ivanka At Women Awards

Take a look at this beauty, she is pregnant with her third baby.

She looks like an angel in this pink dress on the red carpet at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards in New York City.

She is seen flaunting her cute baby bump too.

Ivanka in 2018

Ivanka Trump arrived in the South Korean capital to serve as the honorary leader of the U.S. At the 2018 Winter Olympics closing ceremony.

Adviser To The President

Ivanka is now an adviser to her father. She is also known for her wide social work empowering women, to help them lead a life of their choice.