The Photographer Clicked Mesmerising Pictures Of Women From 10 Different Countries

  • 5:54 pm July 26, 2018
  • delcy

World without beauties is like land without water, and this photographer proved that beauties lies in simplicty and in the person. Michaela Noroc is a Romanian photghrapher who has been travelling to different countries in search of perfect picture which he developed into a more mesmerising ones. He was accompanied with his best friend, and he believes that beauty is in the hands of the maker and he proved that our omnipresent is only one who gave us the humanity and beauty in nature and in a person. So he clicked mesmerising pictures from 10 different countries and named his project'The Atlas Of Beauty'. Well it is a fact that people from different countries are totally different and unique in its own way but this is totally Stunning.

Kathmandu, Nepal

These photographer showed us that unity in diversity and it has been showcased in his pictures that beauty lies in person's mind. Well this was shot while celebrating the colourful occasion of Holi.

Wakhan Corridor, Afghanistan

It is very rare to find different color of eyes, and the rarest part is the unique color of her eyes and the simplicity in her beauty. Green eyes add up to her beauty.

Bucharest, Romania

You can't judge a person with its disability or weakness, and this photographer proved that it is not her weakness but her strength. She faced a terrible accident, yet has a beautiful smile.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Well it is an all time dream to travel the world but meeting in different beauties is one the most beautiful job. Absolutely stunning!

Havana, Cuba

Well here it proves that not only models can display such beauties and this one surely takes us into reality that beauty lies in simplicity. She’s not a model, trust me.

Belgian With Polish Origins

She wore's confidence in her sleeve, because beauty doesn't determine or define anyone. Her dream is to compete in the paralympics.

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When she was interviewed, she said that she is fortunate to be alive. It is one great move to pursue what you ought to do and she is one strong woman.

Pushkar, India

India is one secular country,and girls with a dream officer in India. And beauties lies in the strength and salute to the officer who works day and night.

Shiraz, Iran

She is true beauty which is portraying the simplicity from her attire and the least effort.Perfect face with perfect smile.

Medellin, Colombia

Well you can't look away from her, that portrays the true beauty of a person who has nothing to pose but a simple look can mesmerise you. Everything is perfect about her. So these photographer surely showed us the true meaning of beauty.