The Way Your Fold Your Fists Says A Lot About Your Personality...

  • 6:07 pm December 18, 2020
  • surabhi

Little things we do say a lot about us. We may not even notice it, most of us may even ignore it, but for the keen observer, these may be indications to personality types. Take for instance the whole act of folding your fist. No one, in their wildest dreams, would believe it can help you spot a personality type right? Well, guess what, you are in for a whole lotta surprise!


Clench your fists at this moment and observe it. If this is how your fist looks when you clench it, then get ready to know a little bit about your personality!


You love mingling with people, making friends and are perhaps a great leader too. Your strong personality is super likeable and thus makes you a crowd favorite. However, you are sensitive too. You get emotionally attached easily. However in a relationship, you tend to tread the grounds cautiously!


If you are someone who folds their fists this way, with the thumb wrapping over the other fingers, then there is a lot of new things you are going to learn about yourself now!


These words practically define your personality - Strong Willed and Ambitious!

If you decide on a goal, you will go to any extent to achieve it. You appreciate honesty and sincerity and are likely to lead large organizations or groups of people. You perhaps are an extrovert and mingle well with all kinds of people, but are often misconstrued as arrogant due to your "call it a spade" attitude!


If you fold your fists with the thumb tucked beneath your other fingers, you are going to be in for a lot of revelations about yourself!


You find comfort in silence and like your "me time" a lot (even if you don't quite accept it)You are shy with your emotions and take relationships very seriously. But at the same time, you appreciate space and sincerity. You cannot stand people who beat around the bush or sweet talk without reason. The minute someone invades your space, high chances they are going to be in your book of "Hated Ones" for a lifetime!

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