These 10 Absurd Things Are Not Safe To Search On Google

  • 4:30 pm May 21, 2018
  • vignesh

Google probably is not just a powerful search engine but in fact is a tool which has control over millions of live in this world. Whenever we fall short of answers and want to know something at the tip of our fingers, google is our best friend then. But there are certain things which are ill advised to be searched. Since the online world isn’t that kind its always better to be safe rather than being sorry. We have tried using our experience to list down certain no no’s which would help you have a pleasant experience while searching and surfing online.

Beware of the Clock Spider

If you are scared of spiders and you if you are an arachnophobe, please don't search about it online.

We are sure you wont have a great experience

Crab pretty dangerous

This coconut crab which exists in Palm trees and this might very easily chew your mind

That’s too horrendous!

A book based on bear

There is a book based on a real story of a young woman's affair with a bear.

If only you are interested in such topics, then go ahead, have a good time.

The Tub Girl

Once you are done searching this, what you will get is a girl sitting in a shady golden tub full of dung.

So quite clearly not a thing to search online

Bomb Making

With the world being increasingly intolerant with each passing day, number of unusual searches on google have hit the roof.

Predominant among them is how to make a bomb, but regular searches such as these has made the cyber world more vigilant, so it is better to stay off this query


If you look up for this term in urban dictionary, it would return you this meaning,"A group of middle-aged women on the internet who believe they are all married to Severus Snape."

Now this is quite scary, we do believe its scary.

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Don't Get Self Indulgent

If you plan to search about yourself or about any of your closed one then you may get results of a lot of other people who might have the same name as you searched for.

Some might take you to places you would never even imagined.


This disease arises owing to the fear of objects with a cluster of holes.

Some people try to check if they are phobic and end up regretting with such search.

Don't judge on the basis of search results

We know its quite easy to search everything online, but it is important to know what needs to be searched and what shouldn't.

Don't consult google when you aren't feeling well, consult your doctor.

Result of constant smoking

If you are a chainsmoker and you just can't get enough of it, our only advice to you is please don't look up the results of google to understand how badly it may impact your body.