These 10 Amazing Ideas For Your Balcony Will Give It A Spectacular Touch!

  • 6:51 pm January 26, 2021
  • surabhi

Our homes reflect our own personalities. Many of us, however, struggle to find our true design sensibilities when it comes to redoing our own homes. Sometimes we worry about the expenses or sometimes, we just don't have the time or energy. However, these simple steps can make your home look magical and stunning just like in any other magazine and trust us, it is simple, inexpensive steps!


This is a classic example of how you can make your balcony look like a beautiful, modern one without worrying about optimal space use. We all suffer from space restrictions, so do our balconies. All you need is a L seater, a sleek coffee table, wall mounted units and a lot of whites and lights! Throw in some color for the pop!


If you are someone who wants to extend their room seating into the balcony as well and wants it to be in the same tones as the rest of the interior, worry not! Even with minimal balcony space, you can achieve the same. The trick is Keeping it Basic! Since this is a part of the room now, remember to glass up the balcony so the weather doesn't affect your upholstery!


If you do not like spending big bucks on renovation, trust us this is your go to look for the balcony! Self paint the balcony in a shade of ivory / white. Put a cute little sitting space made out of wood (you could also find this in second hand stores) add in colorful cushions for the color pop and some bonsai plants that are low maintenance. To save space, you can also create shelves like this - wall mounted and netted!


Low seating spaces automatically seem homely and brighter than the others. It allows more light and breeze as well as space for people to walk around and chill. No points for guessing how white and browns work wonders!


If you have space and the resources, ensure you make use of the wooden furniture at home like chairs and seating areas to create a comfy looking space in the balcony. Its bound to spread cheer!


You got to play with illusions in design and a great way to do it is opt for compact furniture and towering plants. This makes your space seem larger than it usually is. No brownie points for guessing its going to make a great chilling place!

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What do you do when you have a tiled up balcony? Well make the most of it. Use the flooring and the walls to create a statement and put out those wooden chairs, add some pops of color and create a cozy set up. Evenings the balcony can be decorated with fairy lights to compensate for the sunshine!


Adding plants to your balcony just means that you get to make the place more cozier and happier than it usually is. Adding in plants of different sizes helps play with the illusion of space. Add in a lamp or two, some cushions and a wooden floor (if your budget allows) and create a vibe that everyone will enjoy!


Creating a glass partition between the balcony and the room and a wooden façade between your neighbors and you is always a good idea. Add in the plants for the dramatic effects and create that cozy space right away!


Your balcony is an extension of you- your moods. So ensure you keep it warm and cozy always. One key element here is the flooring. If you like things rustic and simple, wooden floors are the way to go. The colors work brilliantly with the greens of plants. Throw in some cushions to make for a low seating and you just got yourself a place to enjoy some morning tea!