These 10 Brainteasers For Children Will Make You Scratch Your Head!

  • 2:59 pm April 17, 2021
  • surabhi

We have all been subjected to some brainteaser at some point in life. In fact, some people enjoy being at the questioning end of it. For most, it could be a great source of entertainment too. As we grow up, the frequency of these brainteasers reduces. But lets rekindle that old time fun, shall we? Ten supremely brain tickling questions - let's see how you fare!


How hard did you wreck your brain? If you are someone who traveled through your childhood books and memories then you need to stop and think again. The answer is simple!

ANSWER: The Letter M


This is a very common puzzle but most people guess it wrong.

ANSWER: A Glove!


A truck drove to a village and met 4 cars. Read carefully through the slide to know the answer. Like most mathematical, the answer is simple and right there but difficult to spot!

ANSWER: One Truck!


Oooh this can get quite tricky but lets see how close you guys get!?

ANSWER: Words!


This is a strange question but the answer is even stranger!!!

ANSWER: It's better to use a spoon!


Let it burn, or let it die - the choice is yours!