These 10 Designers Have Turned Ordinary Things Into Masterpieces!

  • 7:53 am December 4, 2020
  • surabhi

We leave behind a lot of mundane things unnoticed. These are regular things, that exist around us, but we just have not taken any time out to notice it or appreciate it. Some designers however, used their creative intelligence to remake these regular things into such beautiful objects that you will wonder, why you never thought of this before!


Everyone uses the water that comes out of the tap and most of us are often left frustrated waiting for either cold / hot / just the right temperature water to grace our hands. Well not anymore. There is a company in Portland, Oregan that created this beautiful sensor based water tap!


This designer made floaties that look like a whole pizza. Isn't it just simply beautiful. Especially when you see it from a birds eye view. Who would have thought that on a bright sunny day, one would be chilling atop a pizza, in a pool!


China is best known for creating the most outrageous designs. Take for instance this escalator. This curved escalator in China is a phenomenon in itself. Doesn't it look simply elegant!? While the world is happy with straight escalators, Chinese certainly have high standards of expectations!


Why have a regular lamp when you can have one that pours light out, literally! This company in South Korea created this masterpiece design in terms of home interiors where they took the whole "pour light into the room" concept way too seriously!


Everyone is short of space these days - be it a small or big house. Everyone would like some more space and what better addition to a home than furniture that helps you save space? This chair folds like a fan, can you believe it?


This hangar just solved a lot of problems when it comes to drying clothes - for once, it does look great and stylish, instead of plain and boring. It is easily foldable and has multiple racks to hang your damp clothes!

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All of us can be divided into two groups - Sunrise lovers and sunset lovers. This lamp precisely sorts you out for life with its sun motif. Take it as a rise or a sundowner, you are bound to love this!


These shoes are phenomenal. All you need is to walk into a dark space and watch it light up. If you thought only kids got to have such fun, thing again, its a product that each one of us can use!


Why have a simple straight one, when you can have them bendy? That is precisely this designer in Ukraine thought and today the streets of Jedi, Ukraine are lined with the most impressive bent streetlights that look like a festival is right around the corner. They serve their purpose and look phenomenal!


This toilet helps you rinse your hand and flush with the same source of water. We are all facing climate change and the resources of water are slowly depleting. Imagine how installing this toilet will save you space as well as water resources!