These 10 Non-Touristy Places Will Help You Discover These Countries Better!

  • 5:36 pm May 14, 2021
  • surabhi

Tourism makes certain spots too commercial for its own good. While most of these places often lose their own rustic charm after years, tourists too, often tend to not look beyond the typical 'Must Visit Places' many times. There are a few offbeat locations that are still pretty undiscovered. These locations not just preserve the natural heritage of the country but could also be a great way to observe the cultural tapestry the region has to offer. These 10 places are truly unique and will make you want to add them on your bucket list!


This place has fairy houses. Not kidding! A tiny town called Alberobello in Italy is famous for its unique trulli style buildings that date back to about 7 centuries. Trulli buildings are tiny conical houses with white limestone walls and sloping stone roofs. They are essentially ancient rural settlements but in today's world, they have started attracting a lot of tourism. Alberobello is still untouched and pretty unique to any traveler and gives a truly rustic experience of Italy!


In the 18th CE, the Stuart family planted some beech trees in an alley in Northern Ireland. Over the years, these trees grew to create a thick, dense canopy that looks almost dreamlike. The family lay down these trees in order to impress the guests coming to their mansions. The mansion, now sold and converted to a golf club, still welcomes dignitaries as guests and the entrance looks just as fascinating as the Stuarts would have intended it to be. Now, here is a catch - They say ghosts loom under the shade of these trees. One will have to witness them to believe them!


If you have watched The Lord Of Rings trilogy or The Hobbit film trilogy, you would not be surprised that such a place exists. This Hobbiton movie set is in fact a tourist destination now but it was not this case before the films. In 1978, the Alexander family moved to this 500 acre farm land. Peter Jackson, director of Lord Of The Rings, while scouting location for his film chanced upon the farmland through a random internet search. What started then was a legacy that is still continuing!


Called the "Blue City", Chefchaouen stands true to its name. This quaint town is well known for its history, cannabis cultivation, mountain scenary, ancient history etc. Everything in Chefchaouen is blue - houses, walls, streets. If you took a walk around this region high chances you are going to want to become an avid Instagrammer. That is how perfectly beautiful this city is!


Have you watched The Flintstones? Well now imagine a real life Bedrock, only perhaps a 100 times more prettier! Well, if this above description intrigued you, you have to check out Monsanto in Portugal. With homes carved into boulders, or stacked neatly with granite, tiled, slopping roofs, well laden trees, manicured gardens etc. this town really makes it to the top of Must visits in Portugal. Fun fact - In 1938 Monsanto was bestowed the title of the most ‘Portuguese town in Portugal’.


Imagine meeting Kangaroos, lizards, koala bears, platypus, fairy penguins, black cockatoos, barn owls etc. on your morning walks. Well, it is very much a possibility if you visit the Kangaroo islands in Australia. People can also take a boat out to the see to check out the beautiful whales and dolphins in all their glory!

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Most tourists who end up in France, hit the popular tourist hotspots of Paris, Louvre Museum, Palace of Versailles etc. At the max they would visit the beaches and chill for a bit before moving on to another country. But France is so much more than just these things. Head to Yvoire village, an ancient village (yes it is over 700 years old!), cutely laden, with the best wine-dine culture and a place that actually seems welcoming and not touristy!


From Bristol Channel in the North to the English Channel in the South, lies a land that is nearly as perfect as the word it self. It is called Devon or Devonshire and all it will take is one look at it to convince you to stay here. Devonshire is the England of the books - dreamy but mostly stormy, windy, gloomy, but also well laden, sophisticated and eternally blissful. Home to many well known personalities, including the famous Agatha Christie was born and raised in this town. Ideal for your retirement plans, eh?


Albarracin has once been described as "the city that thrusts its astonishing silhouette into the heights" by Spanish writer-philosopher José Ortega y Gasset. Now what a strange name to call a place right? But a big part of it is true. Albarracin has a legacy with medieval history, so most of the architecture you see here dates back to those times. One would find comfort on these cobbled streets, its sapphire colored rivers, and emerald green lush fields. If romance was a city, this would be it!


Imagine rolling hills of lavender every where you look! Doesn't it sound dreamy? Well, this Northernmost prefecture of Japan is well known for its endless lavender fields, pristine blue lakes, ski resorts, quaint culture, etc. Beyond its obvious beauties, one can also spot the Japanese indigenous flying squirrel called ezo momonga!