These 10 People Who Are Actual Richer Than Bill Gates

  • 9:33 pm September 12, 2018
  • Helma

Well we all know that nobody is richer than bill gates because of his wealth we feel envy for him and sad for our life. It says bill gates richer than anyone in this world almost ranking him at number 1 position but here it seems he got tough competition as there are almost 10 people who are actually richer than him.

Kim Jon un ($170 Billion)

We thought North Korea must be a poor country but it is not what we think because of the most famous leader who is super rich and the world knows him. His country may have many rules and regulations but this guy spends almost everything where every rich people does like mansion, yachts, designer clothes but he is not countdown on Forbes list is because of his unwanted activities that came from the black market.

ROTHSCHILDS ($2 Trillion)

Its not only one person is rich here but almost every member in this family is richer than the Bill Gates. This family is known for famous secrecy in order to make money.


He has lots of money because of corruption and people also made a film on him as he is known for his crazy acts which made him more famous.

HOUSE OF SAUD ($2-2.4 Trillion)

Well, here is the world's richest family in the world known as the house of Saud. They are rich thanks to their oil and gas which are mainly need in our life to fill up our car.

BASHAR AL-ASSAD ($122 Billion)

He is probably the famous politician right now and the dictator of Syria. He uses his country like a piggy bank and all his money is hidden in many private banks and it is safe to say that this dictator is having a good life in his poor country.

PABLO ESCOBAR ($155 Billion )

Well, if you have seen the show 'NARCOS' you will know the real, Pablo Escobar and who is he. He has done many unwanted activities that made him the richest in the world. He spent almost $2500 a month on just rubber bands to keep his money.

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HOSNI MUBARAK ($70 Billion)

Yet another African dictator who used corruption as the main source of money. During his time presidency, he saved much money through corruption which made him the richest in the world.


Another rich corrupted politician who knows how to swap money from people. He has been caught manipulating many polls for the presidentships.

VLADIMIR PUTIN ($200 Billion)

He is stinkingly rich and been known as a most powerful leader in the world. It's been said that all his millions and dollars are stored in his private bank account.

MANSA MUSA ($400 Trillion)

He is not alive in this world but this guy was superbly rich as we have never heard of him but this guy was the sultan of the west in African empire which was massive. As a result, he pretty much owned the entire west of Africa.