These 10 Weather Reporters From Around The World Will Leave You Wide Eyed!

  • 1:53 am August 15, 2018
  • suhas

Weather reports are the most boring thing in the world, unless ofcourse you are expecting a storm. But imagine watching a storm of a beauty serenading your screens each time you turn that channel on? Well, these women just do that - breeze into your TV screens, rain down on your heart and send shivers down your spine!

Evelyn Taft!

You know you got a good life when you are presently working as a meteorologist and weather reporter for KCAL9/CBS2 news in L.A, California and look as ravishing as summer itself!

Not does she just speak fluent Russian and English but is also quite witty when it comes to weather report presentations!

Domenica Davis!

If Domenica Davis was to be a weather condition she would be the chill before a storm. This woman is so beautiful, she has millions imagining marrying her. Having worked with NBC 4 New York for over 7 years now, this lady is definitely brilliant at what she’s doing and this can be told by looking at her many followers on social media.

Maria Quiban

When Maria Quiban smiles, the sky clears up, the clouds disappear behind the brightness of the sun...and there is just a warm, bright flood of sunlight!

Maria is currently working as a weather anchor at KTTV in Los Angeles, California and has done her graduation from University of Hawaii. Apart from her reporting, she has also shown her acting skills in various serials.

Mary Gamarra!

Imagine hearing your weather forecast in a different language?Now imagine having her forecast your weather for you!

Well, not such a bad idea any more, right?

Mary Gamarra’s beauty,and her flamboyant style of delivery in Spanish language, makes her one of the most stunning weather reporters.

Jackie Guerrido

Jackie Guerrido is like the Amazonian summer, she is sultry, quick and is usually a crowd favorite!

She followed her career in journalism and weather reporting to Despierta America a morning show in America targeting the Hispanic community.

Maria LaRosa

With an enviable career as a weather reporter, Maria LaRosa is currently working with The Weather Channel, in Atlanta as an on-camera meteorologist. Her skills and grace make her reporting style different from the lot... and did we mention her absolute confidence!

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Julie Ann Durda

This woman is a storm woman and yes her stellar covering of storms all over America is evidence enough. The bold and confident Julie is famous for covering many of the big storms to hit America and different parts of the world in recent times. When knowledge and beauty comes together, the viewers are bound to have a deeper knowledge of weather. Working as a weather reporter for WPLG Miami, she makes sure to have a loyal audience-base around her.

Jackie Johnson

When Jackie Johnson comes onto our screens, a million heartbeats scatter down and roll away into their shy crevices!

The weather report by KCBS-TV Los Angeles, California is super-interesting only because they have Jackie Johnson presenting it. Jackie Johnson is definitely one of the hottest weather reporters today.

Ximena Córdoba

What happens when you see the most stunning woman on your screen while flipping channels. Well, turns out that you pause for a while, breathe and start watching Despierta America regularly!

Yanet Garcia

The world’s hottest weather reporter, Yanet makes it a little difficult for you to focus on what exactly the weather has for you. I mean there is too much happening on screen anyway - perfect body, great features and that smooth hair...

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