These 5 Basic Everyday Habits Reveal A Lot About Your Personality!

  • 11:12 am May 14, 2021
  • surabhi

Psychologists are known to study human behavior on a regular basis and you will be surprised to know that every little thing we do, from the way we chew our food to the way we hold a plate, how we express surprise, or anger, or even how we open a door, can say a lot about the kind of people we are. It is shocking to learn these new things about ourselves out of the blue, but also the most essential. So read on to know which of these five basic everyday traits you have and what it says about you!


A simple gesture of holding a cup while drinking from it, can determine a lot of things about you. The next time you sip on to some beverage, notice how your hands hold the cup. If you are someone who looks into the cup/mug while drinking, research says that you a thoughtful, and determined individual. If you are someone who holds the cup from the bottom and stares into the world while drinking, it means that you are carefree and wild spirited!


This is one activity that most of us do every day (well, here's hoping everyone does this everyday!)But have you ever noticed how your emotions change after and before baths? A bath itself can determine your personality type and this is shocking news, but quite intriguing. If you are someone who jumps into the shower and likes to combine bathing with brushing and typically finish off the business is less than record time, high chances you are impatient and on the move always. If you take a long bubble bath every day means you are a calm, take it easy kind of person. Cold showers mean you are easy to agitate, singing in showers means you are a social person. If you use a sponge while bathing, it means you like things thorough and often follow process and steps. If you are someone who daydreams while bathing, it means that you are creative person!


If you are someone who likes piling food on your plate and are often caught saying "how does it matter? It all goes into the tummy right?" you are perhaps a person who enjoys multitasking and are calm while doing so. If you separate your dishes on the plate, and eat slowly, you are a diligent person. While you do analyze situations and take thoughtful decisions, you also have a difficulty dealing with new circumstances. If you eat too quickly then you may be suffering from anxiety or channeling your inner inhibitions through food. If you are in general used to eating at a constant pace, you are known to be a fast decision maker and go getter who does not like to waste time in trivial things.


The way a person chooses to relax says a lot about their personality too. Breaks are important and while most of us forget to take one for our sakes, it is high time, we start thinking about it. The next time you take one, notice your patterns.If you are someone who takes to books often, high chances you are a calm, thoughtful and caring individual. If you take to video games or online content binging, you could often lose yourself in a fictional world and tend to be dissociated from the world around you. High chances you won't value other's opinions as much as your own. If you are someone who sets out traveling often - by yourself or with your loved ones, you are a seeker. There are elements in your life that are yet unexplored and you haven't really found a solution to them. If you only like to sleep during your breaks, that means that you are a conservationist. You like saving whatever there is in life. People may call you boring, but that is just how you function.


Okay this is eerie but true. The way you hang your toilet rolls determines how you are in your personal and professional life. If you hang it with the flap behind the roll, you are a follower. You like to take it easy, follow instructions and while you may be good at your job, high chances you are not going to take leadership opportunities when it comes your way. If you are someone who hangs their toilet rolls with the flap on the outside of the roll, you are highly likely to be a leader. You like control and charge and do not like wasting time, or energy