8 Funny Prom Photos Will Surely Crack You Up Big Time!

  • 1:01 pm October 6, 2020
  • surabhi

Everyone has those secret photos that we wished no one ever discovered. These people perhaps did too. Only difference, their embarrasing prom photos miraculously surfaced online and are now some of the funniest images on the internet.


These is one thing called posing and another thing called stupidity. This beautiful couple decided to do something totally random. We wonder where it landed them? Good Posing or stupidity?


This hilarious photo is clearly from way back in time. I mean look at the hairstyles and general vibe out there. It does seem like someone threatened them before the snap was taken, but whatever happened to dressing up for an event. This just seems like everyone decided to end up looking the exact same. Saves a looot of time and energy for the parents, now doesn't it?


This chubby guy seems like he knew all along that he was going to land this cute girl. For the fearing of sounding boisterous, well he does seem like she is waay out of his league. But then again, love and prom knows no boundaries right!?


Having fun should be a subject in school and while most of us could bunk this class, this fellow on the right will definitely have to attend it - all through the year! I mean who looks soo serious during a prom photo, and this is a candid shot, mind you!


This girl really had her tan take a toll on her. Her color seems really off and the guy seems like he is surprised too after seeing her. While it is a cute picture nonetheless, it is really hilarious!


The boy really seems pissed. His partner seems to have found a picture perfect moment with her best friend while the guy seems to be looking on in sheer anger. This is really heartbreaking but so hilarious!

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This guy really has it lucky! I mean not one but two beautiful women by his side? That too on a prom night? Seems like he is going to be a popular kid!


This guy clearly didn't sign up for this. Or did he? Well, whatever his intentions were, they were blatantly caught on camera and are now for the whole world to see. Call it wrong timing or sheer bad luck, eh?