These 9 Places Have Banned Photography. Cameras Here Is A Big ‘No, No’!

  • 4:33 pm July 13, 2018
  • Hazel

In the age of the internet and to keep up with the social media, we all constantly keep clicking and posting pictures as a part of sharing our lives with others through this social media platforms and we surely want to brag a little to the people we know where we went and what we did. In such a social world, who bans camera? Well, these places have crossed all odds as they banned, Camera! That’s definitely not the best thing to know but there's no harm in getting some general knowledge, where you should never take your camera. The next time you visit these places you would not be fined for your innocence. Keep away the camera and you will get through the places without getting charged for your stupidity!


In this beautiful country, you can click pictures without any trouble if it is for your own collection but commercial photography is not allowed and so if you are caught doing so, you will have to face consequences.

If you might still plan to do so, you will need a special authorization for that!

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam has it too! Now it can say, AM-sterdam! There are red light areas around the world, but this one is a little different from the others apart from being famous for its brothel. If you take pictures of the people here, you might face difficulty as it is strictly not allowed! There is no law saying so but is against the people and you will have to face the consequences!


Oh, Japan! We love this country, don't we? The tech and the etiquettes are both very alluring! But this surprising country has more surprises waiting for you. Japan's beautifully carved temples cannot be captured on your camera!

The irresistible art of the temple is just heaven, but sadly you cannot click them. There is a law saying you are prohibited to click pictures of these temples.

South Korea

So, for the photographers who love to click pictures of the beautiful girls around you or if you are someone who likes to do so just for your own collection just don't even think about it when you are in South Korea. You don't want to go against the law!

There is a law saying that you cannot click pictures of the girls without their permission, you might land in the lockup for up to 5 years.

United Arab Emirates

UAE is famous for its etiquettes and more famous for its ultra-modern architecture and the gigantic and pleasant palaces of the Sheikhs. You don't want three years to live in the lockup while visiting and clicking pictures where it is prohibited. So, better be careful with that camera!


Forget about clicking pictures of the people around you. In the US, clicking pictures of the houses is prohibited. You cannot just capture anyone's house for your picture.

If you still want to, you will have to take permission of the person who owns the house, or you might get into difficulty.

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Temples In India

Unlike other places in India, where you can do anything you want and you can click anything around, this holy temples located in this country has some strict rule about photography. It is indeed rich in both artistic and religious values.

The devotion of the people is quite impressive and you will definitely want to click the shot but be careful... it might not be the temple where photography is permitted. Akshardham Temple and Iskcon Temple in Delhi are the temples that have the no cameras rule.


In Algeria, you cannot click anyone's candid pictures. We're not talking about the fake candid pictures for your Instagram feed. We are talking about the stuff like street photography or just random peoples photography for your own collection or whatsoever.

You need to ask the person for his permission to click his picture. And if you are clicking a picture of a woman then you have to ask the permission from her husband or father.

North Korea

Lastly, we would like to give you a big heads up for this place... North Korea! This country already has some weirdest and craziest laws made for its citizens which are quite bizarre. If you ever happen to visit the country, be aware of your surroundings and do not click pictures if you want to stay safe.

There is a law that says, the tourists are not allowed to click pictures without the permission of their Guides.