These Are The 9 Best Optical Illusions That Went Viral And Stumped The Internet

  • 12:45 pm August 19, 2018
  • suhas

Optical illusion are immensely amazing. They boil down your brain like nothing else. What is the best optical illusion you have ever seen? Well, here we give you 9 more to see and decide your new favorite. Take a look!

Story of a Missing Leg!

Is it only us or Kendall Jenner actually seems to be missing a leg? Look at this picture properly. She indeed seems to have no leg whatsoever! So well, what's the case here? Let's disclose it for you!

Well, look at this! Its all under her dress. You should've looked properly!

These Strawberries Aren't Red!

This is possibly the first time you won't really see all the strawberries red. But why aren't they red? Well, there's a problem reason behind all this. Check it ahead!

The Reason!

The image above, posted by "Silicon Valley" writer Carson Mell, separates specific pixels to show that they are, in fact, grey and green. They're not red. Now we know why it isn't red although it is!

Game Of Dots

In this image, there are 12 dots, Can you see all of them? That is the entire deal. Try and let us know. Of course you can't! No one can. Wondering why?

Since your peripheral vision sucks, well, here you go!

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Just Bricks?

After looking at this picture, what does this look to you? Just bricks, right? What if we tell you there's a lot more than just bricks?

Turns out there's a cigar right here. SO well, it wasn't just bricks you see!

Underwater Or No?

Here's a very simple question for you guys. Is this girl underwater or not? What do you think or what does this picture says? Checkout the answer ahead!

Not Underwater

SO here's your answer. Not underwater really! Her hair is dry and her ponytail isn't floating around, which it would if she were underwater. The "air bubbles" are just drops.

Same Size?

In the first look, these train track segments look of different sizes. Almost all of you will argue that they indeed are of different sizes, right?

Well, They Are!

Seriously, they are! The illusion is called the Jastrow illusion.

These shapes are mirror images of each other

In the first look, you might not believe when we say that these shapes are mirror images of each other but they really are. Wanna know how?

The Reality

This illusion is called the "Ambiguous Cylinder Illusion." Tho give you some logic, Ambiguous cylinders are somewhere between a square and a circle. In this case, the shape also has wavy top edges. Depending on your perspective, your brain corrects the shape of the image to appear as a circle or a square.

Blue and Black or White and Gold?

Is this dress blue and black or white and gold? Ohhh this dress made the entire social media dance on its tune!

Color Unveil

It's black and blue. Here's the science behind why it looks different for different people.

SO understand one thing very clearly. The way your brain determines color relies on two things: the color of the object you're seeing and the color of the light source. The image was overexposed, meaning the light in the image overwhelmed the color of the subject. Parts of the dress were also in shadow. And hence all the confusion!


Can you notice what is wrong in this image? It's a huge illusion right in front of your eyes!

Well, Here You Go!!!!!