Most Beautiful Women From 10 Different Countries In The World!

  • 11:43 am September 8, 2020
  • suhas

Every country has its own definition of beauty based on its social standards. However, universally, there are some general standards of beauty. Based on those, these are the 10 women who stand out. They have not just made their country proud because of their features but are also on the list of most desirable women in the world!


English beauties have always been a class apart.In fact, due to colonization, most of our sensibilities work on the standards of beauty that the English have set for the world. It goes without saying that this country has quite a lot of damsels that can blow your mind!


If you don't know her, you probably are living under a rock. Angelina Jolie may be on the other side of 40, but she yet looks like she can give quite a lot of young girls a run for their money. Mother, actress, entrepreneur - she is not just good looks, but actually a beauty with brains!


Asians beauty standards vary from country to country. Like for instance, what is considered beautiful in Korea may not be the same in India. This Philippine Beauty however, has crossed all standards of good looks. She won the Miss Universe pageant too!


This Turkish - German origin actress shot to fame with her TV series Muhteşem Yüzyıl (2011–2013), a periodic drama based on the Ottoman Empire. She is considered to be the epitome of beauty standards in the country.


Doutzen Kroes is a 35 year old model from Netherlands who shot to fame with her Calvin Klein commercial. With looks that can shatter glass (and hearts) Kroes is by far the best looking Dutch gal, international media has seen!


It goes without saying that Brazilian women are by far the most attractive women in the world. Their body structure and their features are incomparable thus making them some of the prettiest women.

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If you go back to any pageant and see the models in them, you will realize the tallest and the most dedicated ones are those from Venezuela. This country has been representing and winning a lot of beauty pageants since a long long time, and that is because of their amazing looks and height!


Italian beauties are quite dedicated when it comes to the way they look and appear, afterall they are a fashion capital. Christina Chiabotto is one of the most beautiful women in the world!


Ani Lorak is a singer, actress from Ukraine and is considered to be one of the most desirable women in the world. She has stunning drop-dead looks and is also having a strong confident personality that make her top the charts!


There is something about Russian women that no one can not desire them. Their stunning beauty, flawless skin, jawline structures and confident, strong personality makes them some of the most desirable people in the world!