These Trends In Japan Which Are Too Weird To Be Real

  • 1:35 pm June 21, 2018
  • mariam

Japan, the land o the rising sun is already too awesome because of it’s infrastructure, rules and technologies. But there are also a side of Japan that is a bit weird and unexpected, because we always think that the country which is so resourceful cannot be crazy but it is. Trends followed there are quite weird sometimes, it just keeps leveling up and we are still thinking why exactly. Thus, we’ve made a compilation of the trends followed in Japan that are weird, crazy, unreal, creepy, unusual, all the synonyms that come to your mind.


If you think that white skin is beautiful in Japan, you’ll be shocked by this one. “Tanned” brown skin tone, light hair, orange, blonde and white makeup lips.

This is called as ganguro look which includes fake eyelashes and bright outfits and you’ll get the ganguro look.

Apps For Filtering Face

The Japanese, are fond of eye-enlarging tricks because they have small eyes. They, use everything from contact lenses to plastic surgery.

The Instagram bought new trend of face filters. Through this app they get help with huge anime-like eyes, they also even out the skin, which makes them look perfectly smooth and glowing.


The word “shironuri” means “painted white”. The clothing style is not that important it might be a traditional Japanese outfit. The important parts is white skin painted with beauty products.

Young Looking Mask

If you want to impress or compliment an Asian, say that they have beautiful skin. Japan is known for many skin care products.

Here you will find the most common masks with sauna- and massaging tools. This design helps get rid of wrinkles, tone the cheeks and improve blood circulation.


The first name comes from the English word looking at this is “decoration.” The style originated in the late 90s and was popular in the 2000s.

When we say “a lot,” we mean this. For styling, they use everything: face stickers, glitter, colorful band-aids, bobby pins, clips and bows, bracelets and necklaces, multi-colored socks, stockings, and leg.


Ladies with thin lips, This device is meant for you ladies out there. Looks like a step toward a better future. The template is a part of a real trend, though it’s not a trend itself.

We’re talking about “chindogu” that means “unusual tools” which are the as simple solution for everyday problems.

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Double Eyelids

One more crazy eye trend in this list. This gadget is made to make a double eyelid, and it’s meant for those who want to look “European” without getting into surgery.