These Are The Female Beauty Standards In 10 Popular Countries Around The World!

  • 10:57 am February 17, 2021
  • surabhi

Everyone perceives beauty differently, or at least that's what we are told. However, when it comes to international standards, there are always some parametres held that can qualify or disqualify a person as beautiful. Who sets these standards? What are those? If you feel you are not beautiful in one country, does not necessarily mean you are not in another - You just need to get to the right place and see the magic that unravels. Read on to know about the Female beauty standards around 10 popular countries in the world. Where do you belong?


Catriona Gray from Philippines is one of the most stunning faces in the world. She was crowned Miss Universe in 2018 and has been unstoppable ever since. In Philippines, Asian features along with a strong western presence is appreciated. Like most developing Asian countries, even Philippines understanding of beauty is constantly changing!


Netherlands has always had a unique indicator of beauty - light eyes and pale skin. Their features are prominent and usually, the women who win pagents here, look like they are ready to become the snow queens.Take for instance Sharon Pieksma - Netherlands Ms. Universe 2019 - isn't she absolutely stunning!


This country is perhaps the Mecca of fashion standards. No one takes beauty as seriously as Italy does and when the country prescribes a perfect figure, sharp features and a good sense of style. Now while not most women conform to these norms, it isn't rare to see a lot of people try to fit in!


Most of us know about this due to the overflow of Korean media on our streams - be it films, kdramas or kpop. Koreans have a very strict idea of beauty and very rarely do they step out of their mind blocks. No wonder, most of the women aspire to look the same!


Tall, blonde, thin women are considered quite beautiful in Russia. Since the country pays a lot of attention to physical beauty, a well dressed woman is obviously preferred over someone who struggles with her wardrobe!


Sweden may just be one of the most ideal countries to settle in because their beauty standards are quite broad and pragmatic. The society is evolved beyond waist and bust sizes and cares more for personality than looks!

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Standards of beauty in Finland are just as beautiful as its people. They are quite forgiving in the weight and size department and appreciate natural, flawless skin over make up and fashion!


Like most Asian countries, women and men in Thailand care a lot about their physical appearances. However, unlike other countries like Korea or Japan, Thai men prefer strong women - strong jawlines, good skin, a V-shaped face etc. is preferred over petit. They too prefer lighter skin tones as compared to dark!


America has a constantly changing beauty standard - While earlier it was skinny, fair skinned women, the same cannot be said any longer. The country is slowly starting to appreciate race, differently sized bodies and features! Still a long way to go but it is a good start!


India loves its traditions and cultures and so while things are constantly changing due to influence of media and styles from other countries, India still pretty much loves its old, traditional styles. So as per fashion standards, a strong voluptious woman is more appreciated than a skinny one!