This Comic Strips Reveal The Real Struggles Of A Young Mother

  • 4:55 pm September 18, 2018
  • Hazel

When you pregnant with your first child, you are quite frightened of the consequences and the baby itself. You are quite happy to but you want the struggles to stop and lowkey feel too heavy with the body and with the responsibility of the child and yourself! You cannot just pretend to know everything and do everything as usual. You have to take extra care of yourself and the baby that is living inside you. It seems like a big task but then it is something that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Motherhood is very precious and no matter what struggles you go through, nothing is more beautiful than being a mother.

The changes

The changes that a young mother goes into after delivering a baby is quite frightening! Her body is very healthy and fresh when she conceives the baby but when she delivers her whole body deflates.

You everyday schedule

It is very hard at first to change your everyday schedule according to your body's comfort. You cannot sleep on your stomach and it is very annoying to get used to the habits that you don't like to do!

Washroom urgency

A young mother is always in the urgency to go to the toilet and when you are on the go it is more frustrating than ever! The tantrums and the mood swings drive you crazy!

After being a mother

When the baby throws tantrums and when it pukes or something you have to clean it up. Being a mother you cannot ignore the cleanliness of the house and your baby!

People are more excited than you!

The other people, or the relatives that are in your place, they are in the excitement of your baby and often annoy you with the same questions and make you eat more and touch your tummy!

It is a mess

When it comes to handling your baby, it is quite hard of a task that you have to take care of it all by yourself. A young mother often gets too messy with handling stuff and it frustrates you!

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Everythings falling apart!

Everything that you do, your body reacts in a different way and this makes you more vulnerable in appearance and makes you feel less attractive.

You go through a major change

You go through a major change that makes you a milk container and you have to deal with this for an as long as the milk stops. This is literally every mother's problem and you have to take this as it is!

Memorable firsts!

The first things are something that is memorable for a lifetime. This is something that might be frustrating for you now but as time passes by. It gets happier and funnier even!