This Filipino Woman Cheated On her Pakistani Lover After Receiving A Lot Of Money From Him

  • 11:41 am September 23, 2020
  • suhas

There are certain stories that never get old and can be repeatedly used to put some sense into masses. This is one such incident. An incident that puts some light on how dangerous online dating can get! Take a look at this story and you would know!

Rise Of Social Media!

21st century has seen tons of development and the biggest of them is the rise of internet and social media platforms. It has completely changed our life in a way! It has revolutionized the global communication and now everybody can get in touch with everybody irrespective of which part of the world they are sitting in!

This Case!

But of course, technology has always been misused and this case is the prime example of how it happens. So a Pakistani man meet a Filipino woman online. They talk and fall in love! This is the premise of the real incident! But later, this Filipino woman duped the Pakistani guy and disappeared on him after getting some money!

This Chat

Look at this chat and you will know what exactly went down! How did this Filipino woman duped the guy! The man clearly got emotional and thought of helping the girl here!

And More!

Here's the other part of the chat. So who do you think is at fault here? This man? Or this girl? Of course the girl is crooked but having said that, the man is at fault as well? Should you trust somebody you met online so fast?

Online Love!

The name of the man is Mafie Mahlum Sahdik and as soon as he shared this online, people started making fun of him! He became an internet sensation but in a wrong way. But the question is, why blame him? Why not use this as an opportunity to reconsider the relationships we make online? Does this mean we can never find love online? NO! But, think a thousand times before trusting somebody blindly! Just do not share your personal information online with anybody!